19 - 26 July 2017

Donetsk Children's Hospital receives a Child Heart Monitor - Successful Aid Mission

American freelance journalist and humanitarian missioner Patrick Lancaster reports that a highly needed and expensive Child Heart Monitor has been delivered to the main Donetsk Children's Hospital in the Donetsk People's Republic. The mission was succeeded with foreign private donations and coordinated by Lancaster. 

DPR says OSCE biased against People's Republics

Recently, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has begun to present information on the situation in the conflict zone in the Donbass region in favour of the Ukrainian party, stated the DPR plenipotentiary to the Contact Group talks, Denis Pushilin.

Zakhar Prilepin: Malorossiya aims at creating a united state with Russia, Belarus

A well-known writer, Major of the DPR army and adviser to the DPR Head commented on the creation of a new state established in Donetsk Zakhar Prilepin, a well-known writer and deputy commander for political affairs of a battalion of the DPR Army described in an interview to the Komsomolskaya Pravda how he sees the new state of Malorossiya proclaimed by the DPR authorities on July 18. 

Birth of Malorossiya – restoring peace and order, creating sovereign people's federation

Yesterday, in the DPR capital, Donetsk, I personally participated in the event at which, under the leadership of the Head of the Donetsk People's Repulic, a declaration of establishment of a new state of Malorossiya to replace the former Ukraine was given.

Surkov on Malorossiya: Donbass fights for entire Ukraine, not for its part

Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladislav Surkov, held a meeting with experts on Wednesday, at which he assessed the initiative of the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko, calling the idea of Donbass fighting not for secession from Ukraine but for its integrity the key point of ​​the "imagined state of Malorossiya", reported the head of the Center for Political Conjuncture Alexey Chesnakov, who participated in the meeting.


Graham Phillips on MH17 eyewitnesses: 'No one saw a BUK but fighter jets' [VIDEO]

British journalist Graham Phillips, who is well known for his wide Donbass reporting, gave an interview to the Dutch "We Are Change" organization, and, basing on his numerous eyewitnesses interviews, told one thing for sure: "No-one saw a BUK missile, but fighter jets in close vincinity of Malesian Airlines flight MH17", when it was shot down in Donbass on 17.7.2014.

Russia launch fresh probe into war crimes of Kiev forces

Russia’s federal agency for investigating high-profile crimes has opened a criminal case into the recent shelling of Donetsk residential areas by the Ukrainian military, resulting in casualties among civilians.

Ukrainian forces shelled hostel with battle tanks [VIDEO]

Donetsk, Novorossiyskaya Str., building 9, the dormitory in which presently live 50 people. On June 6, at 08.00 pm 7 tank shells hit the 3rd and the 4th floors of the building.

Aftermath of the Ukrainian shelling in Kirovsk with 152 mm artillery [VIDEO]

A resident of Kirovsk was wounded due to the bombardment of the city by Kiev forces, 27 houses were damaged, reported the official representative of the LPR People's Militia, Lieutenant-Colonel Andrei Marochko. "Twenty-seven houses were destroyed, and a Kirovsk local citizen was wounded," he said.

Donetsk Defense TV News Report, 06/01/2017

The contact line situation TV report in the Donetsk People's Republic on 1st of June, on the International Children's Day. The contact line situation remains quite tense. One civilian was wounded in Ukrainian shelling, reports the DPR Operational Command. Overnight Ukrainian gunmen fired at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, as a result a man of 1969 year of birth was wounded. The affected was provided with all needed medical help, his condition is considered to be satisfactory. 

Donbass Life

Mother died in Ukrainian shelling in front of her son in Donetsk [TV Report]

As a result of Ukrainian shelling an 8-years-old child was wounded and his mother perished in front of him. It happened in the evening on June 4th. Ukrainian gunmen conducted fire at the Donetsk western vicinities; the locality of Trudovskye underwent severe shelling. Exhausted Vlad is in the intensive therapy department for two days already. He is conscious but feels bad. The boy can hardly move his bandaged fingers.

Nika Myastkovskaya – 'I shall wake up an angel' - Donbass Song [Music Video]

This new music video is dedicated to over 100 perished children in the war in Donbass. Music video is provided by the officials of the Donetsk People's Republic on the 1st of June, on the International Children's Day 2017. You will find more information and material #SoulOfChild. Join demand toward Ukrainian regime in Kiev: "Stop the war in Donbass, save Donbass people from the Ukrainian army. DONi News Agency Video: DPR Official Media Channels  

The Children's Day memorial events in Donbass, LPR and DPR - #SoulOfChild [VIDEO]

Residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic's gathered on Thursday evening in the capital's to take part in the "Angels" action in memory of the deceased young residents of Donbass during the military aggression by Ukrainia

Donbass children’s appeal to Ukrainian army on the Children's Day 2017

The Childen of Donbass sends their video message to the Ukrainian armed forces on the International Children's Day on 1st of June, 2017.

Action in memory of perished Donbass children to unite 2,500 people on both sides of frontline

About two and a half thousand inhabitants of the DPR and territories of the Donetsk region controlled by Kiev will take part in the International Action "Angels" in memory of the children who died during the war in Donbass. This was announced today by the leader of the public organization "Young Republic" Nikita Kiosev.


Birth of Malorossiya – restoring peace and order, creating sovereign people's federation

Yesterday, in the DPR capital, Donetsk, I personally participated in the event at which, under the leadership of the Head of the Donetsk People's Repulic, a declaration of establishment of a new state of Malorossiya to replace the former Ukraine was given.

Official Declaration of the Malorossiyan Federation [Full text, 07/18/2017]

On 18.7.2017 the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, gave a declaration on the creation of a new federal state, Malorossiya, which will become the legal successor of 'Ukraine'. The new sta

‘NATO is mastering potential military theater in Eastern Europe’ – Russian envoy

“Scares and speculations” surrounding Russian military drills are a smokescreen for NATO’s military buildup in Eastern Europe, where the alliance is effectively mastering a potential new battlefield, the Russian permanent representative to NATO says.

Lavrov: US and EU policies largely provoked Ukrainian crisis

Since the end of the Cold War, Moscow hoped for international peace and cooperation, but certain decisions and actions of its Western partners have led to further "dividing lines" in Europe, and "have largely provoked" the Ukrainian crisis, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said, as reported by RT News.

NATO conducting large-scale preparations for military aggression against Russia - Expert

According to Konstantin Sivkov, director of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, "NATO is conducting large-scale full-fledged preparations for military aggression," the expert said at the round table in Moscow on NATO's policy toward Russia, as reported by the Sputnik News.

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