18 - 25 September 2017

Russia-Donbass Committee promotes Russian, DPR, LPR patriotic organizations’ cooperation

Participants in the meeting of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee called on the organizations engaged in spiritual and patriotic education in Russia and the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics to join forces, the Committee’s resolution, adopted on Saturday following the meeting in Lugansk, reads.

DPR Head awards disabled athlete a gold medal

The jubilee XV marathon for wheelchair athletes "Scythian shore" was completed in the Crimean city of Saki. It was one of the most large-scale competitions of the kind held in Russia. This year, athletes from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the DPR and the LPR competed in speed and endurance. A Donetsk resident Dmitry Dolzhenko defended the honour of our Republic. He won the gold medal in the 21 kilometres.

Donbass aims to Russian World, Kiev regime drags Ukraine into NATO

The Donbass Republics are intended to enter the Russian world, and the Kiev regime drags Ukraine into NATO, the LPR Head Igor Plotnitsky stated during the meeting of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee held in the LuganskRepublic’s capital on the topic of the Youth Policy and Patriotic Education.

Russia-Donbass Сommittee, Crimean Community Representations opened in LPR

The ceremonial opening of Representative Offices of the Russia-Donbass Integration Committee and the Russian Community of Crimea took place in the city-centre of Lugansk in the Great Patriotic War Heroes' Square on Saturday, September 23.

Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 09/22/2017

Good afternoon! Last week, the final competition of the tank contest between the teams of the People's Republics took place at the DPR proving grounds. Over the past 24 hours, 25 violations of the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were recorded.


'Combat Erupts Again' - Donbass Frontline Report [VIDEO]

A new video report from the Donbass frontline, DPR, provided by American freelance journalist Patrick Lancaster. Report shows the reality about difficult situation in the trenches just outside of the Donetsk capital. DONi News Agency Follow Patrick Lancaster: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbjTWVaRx6jMN5ZYgbqe2_w  

DPR Command reports one perished and one wounded due to Ukrainian shelling over past 24 hours

One DPR soldier perished and one civilian citizen was wounded due to the Ukrainian shelling over the past 24 hours, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin. “One DPR soldier perished while fulfilling the objectives on Republic’s defense,” underlined the Vice-Commander.

DPR: weapons supply to AFU will be Trump administration's biggest mistake

The supply of weapons from the United States to Ukraine could be the biggest mistake of the administration of Donald Trump and lead to an escalation of the conflict in Donbass, deputy of the Donetsk People's Republic's People's Council Alexander Kostenko believes.

Graham Phillips on MH17 eyewitnesses: 'No one saw a BUK but fighter jets' [VIDEO]

British journalist Graham Phillips, who is well known for his wide Donbass reporting, gave an interview to the Dutch "We Are Change" organization, and, basing on his numerous eyewitnesses interviews, told one thing for sure: "No-one saw a BUK missile, but fighter jets in close vincinity of Malesian Airlines flight MH17", when it was shot down in Donbass on 17.7.2014.

Russia launch fresh probe into war crimes of Kiev forces

Russia’s federal agency for investigating high-profile crimes has opened a criminal case into the recent shelling of Donetsk residential areas by the Ukrainian military, resulting in casualties among civilians.

Donbass Life

International Theatre Festival of Short Plays 'Mise-en-scène' launched in Donetsk

On September 18, the performance of the Russian Academic Drama Theater named after George Konstantinov, coming from the capital of the Russia's Republic of Mari El Yoshkar-Ola, opened the International Theatre Festival of Short Plays "Mise-en-scène" in Donetsk.

First stage of tank biathlon takes place on "Torez" training range

The first stage of the contest between DPR and LPR tank crews took place yesterday. It should be underlined that on September 15 at the “Torez” training range the individual championship of the DPR and LPR tank crews took place, and today, on September 16 the young state’s crews will fight for the championship in the team rating.

Lugansk celebrates City Day with mass events in LPR [PICS]

The Day of the City of Lugansk was marked on September 9. Mass events comprised concerts in the city parks, handicraft exhibitions at which local craftsmen presented their works with depicted views of the city, the beauty contest Miss Lugansk 2017, the winner of which became eighteen-year-old student of the Lugansk National University named after Shevchenko, Viktoria Goryachkina, and many other festivities.

Over 4 thousand people perish in DPR since armed conflict beginning – DPR Ombudsman’s Office

The Ombudsman's Office in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) almost daily records violations of the Donbass residents’ basic rights by the Ukrainian side: the right to life, to the safety of the individual, the right to inviolability of the home.

DPR Head claims 100 ‘Donbass’ buses to be produced till year’s end

About 100 Republic’s buses are to be produced till the end of 2017, reports the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko. “Till the end of the year we are planning to produce 100 buses. First ten are to be sent to the city of Gorlovka,” said Zakharchenko. It should be underlined that presentation of first two buses of local production took place today in Donetsk. The vehicle was called ‘Donbass’.


US Weapons in Ukraine: Kremlin Warns Against New Escalation in Donbass

The Kremlin criticized the idea of US arms deliveries to Ukraine on Tuesday, saying they may lead to a new escalation of the conflict in the Donbass region. The United States providing Kiev with lethal weapons will not promote the resolution in Donbass, and will escalate tensions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

US Senate approves $500 million aid to Ukraine for lethal weapons delivery

The US Senate approved the allocation of five hundred million dollars to Kiev for security and defense assistance, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko wrote on his Facebook page. According to him, the bill provides for supplies to Kiev of "lethal weapons of a defensive nature."

Ukraine, US express no support for Russian plan on peacekeepers in Donbass

The United States and Ukraine stated that they are not ready to work on the text of the draft resolution on the deployment of the UN security mission in Donbass. According to Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, Ukraine intends to submit an alternative draft resolution.

NATO Launches War Games in Ukraine, Sweden and Baltics

The US-NATO military buildup in both Ukraine and the Baltic republics—as well as the war games in Sweden—is clearly aimed, in the first instance, at countering the “Zapad 2017” joint exercise being staged by Russia and Belarus, which is set to begin on Thursday and continue through September 20, writes Bill Van Auken in his article, published by Russia Insider

Sweden: Giving Up Neutrality Against People’s Will

Sweden, a non-NATO nation, has launched its largest military exercise in over 20 years. The drills are being conducted at Russia’s doorstep amid rising military activity in the Baltic Sea region. The timing (Sept. 11-29) is outright provocative as Aurora 2017 is taking place at about the same time (Sept. 14-20) as Zapad 2017, a major Russian exercise in Belarus.

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