19 - 26 April 2017

Kiev eager to drag a third force into Donbass conflict - DPR Head

The Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, commented on the recent incident with the OSCE Mission's involvement:

Poroshenko asks US to launch armed intervention in Donbass, as expected

As experts predicted, the Ukrainian party has taken advantage of the OSCE patrol’s car explosion in the LPR with a view to demand an armed mission’s introduction to Donbass, to which the republics had been previously unalterably opposed, saying that they would regard such a step as an intervention and were ready to rebuff it.

'Only way to stop US aggression is to get rid of dollar' - Glazyev

Putin's advisor Sergey Glazyev believes that US president Trump is just "doing what the ruling elite expects him to do", and only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, he said on Friday in an interview with TASS News.

Alexander Zakharchenko: DPR is set to full-fledged relations with South Ossetia

On Friday, Anatoly Bibilov is assuming the office of the President of South Ossetia. Ahead of the inauguration, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, in an interview with Sputnik, South Ossetia, described the way in which the relations between the two Republics would be structured

Britain vows to support Ukraine militarily against 'Russian threat'

"We're ready to support you," said British Prime Minister Theresa May to Ukrainian president. She promised that UK stands ready to help defend Ukraine against any further Russian aggression, reported The Sun. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko visited Downing Street on Wednesday. Mrs May said Britain was “ready to support” his country which is under threat from Russia. She also vowed to push for further sanctions on President Putin.


Ukrainian landmine blasts tractor in Donbass, LPR - 1 died, 5 wounded [TV REPORT]

On April 24 at 11.15 am in the Lugansk People's Republic Perevalsky district near the locality of Fashevka, the tractor-trailer hit an anti-tank landmine.  After the operational investigative measures undertaken, the LPR State Security employees detected that during the forested area cleaning, held near Fashevka locality, the tractor with the workers of the Shtyrovsky shelter forest sector hit the anti-tank landmine.

Ukraine plans to blast power plant in Lugansk region to accuse LPR - Military Command

The Ukraine is planning to stage serious false flag attack in occupied Lugansk region in Donbass. Kiev troops brought at the territory of the Shastinskaya thermal power plant 200 containers with unknown materials, presumably needed to blast the power plant, told the LPR Defense Ministry official representative, colonel Andrey Marochko on Saturday.

Ukrainian Forces continue mortar shelling, Yasinovataya, DPR [VIDEO]

At the eve of the Ukrainian natonalist 'mastermind's birthday' - Adolf Hitler - Ukrainian troops have conducted celebration shelling of Yasinovataya in the Donetsk People's Republic. The critical hotspot is under attacks and Donbass defenders are expecting wide Ukrainian offensive in near future.  DONi News Agency Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 04/21/2017  

Massive Reserve Mobilization Assembly in the Donetsk People's Republic [DRONE]

Almost 30,000 Reservists in the Donetsk People's Republic took part in the mobilization assembly on 06.04.2017. Drone footage from the event. The assembly of over 27,000 reservists was held according to the order of the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko.

Ceasefire didn't happen: Ukraine has kept shelling DPR territory [TV REPORT]

Even a special ceasefire was agreed in Minsk starting from 1st April, Ukraine continue shelling of the Donetsk People's Republic’s cities and districts also with heavy artillery. On Saturday 1st of April, despite the Kiev government’s claims the night was quite difficult. Ukraine didn’t cease the fire at Republic’s cities and districts. In total over the past 24 hours 86 times of shelling were recorded. 

Donbass Life

Activists from Italy visited Donetsk People's Republic [TV REPORT]

Italian social activists visited the DPR. The “Cantiere Laboratorio” organization’s president, Vittorio Gigliotti, and the Head of “Speranza” cultural organization, Irina Vehoreva, were accompanied by the DPR Operational Command’s Vice Commander, Eduard Basurin.  Guests visited the contact line and witnessed the destructions along it. 

Donbass Arena: Damaged, but untouched, soon opened again in Donetsk City

Famous Donbass Arena in the Donetsk capital was left empty and untouched after the war in Donbass started in 2014. Now the new management under the Donetsk People's Republic receivership of Ukrainian companies has started process to relaunch the football arena for public use. First press tour in the arena was also arranged.  

Ukraine - 'Its not just our army, but population protects Donbass!' [VIDEO]

Ukraine and its western supporters should receive this strong and clear message from the people of Donbass, Donetsk People's Republic. From the order of the Head of DPR, about 30,000 reservist gathered to mobilization assembly on 6 April 2017. These Donbass citizens are not enlisted to the already strong DPR People's Militia, but they are ready to join the militia, and defend their land, if and when its needed.

The Head of DPR visits frontline positions, deliver Eastern cakes [VIDEO]

Today, on April 13, the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, visited the Republic's military units in the frontline positions. During his visit, the Head of the Republic congratulated the servicemen on the upcoming holiday of the Resurrection of Christ and drove about 1,000 Easter cakes for them.

Zveroboy: 'Go, Go, Fighting Vehicles!' [Music Video]

Watch the new music video from the war in Donbass, Lugansk People's Republic (LPR). The band is called "Zveroboy" and name of the song is "Go, Go, Fighting Vehicle (IFV - BTR)". Music video is presented with English subtitles by DONi Donbass News Agency. Video: Lugansk24, 03/06/2017


US armoured Strykers heading to Finland for offensive war exercise

Exercise "Arrow 17", led by the Finnish Army’s Armoured Brigade, will take place in Finland from 2 to 13 May 2017. War games brings to Finland a reinforced US Army infantry company equipped with armoured Stryker personnel carrier vehicles as well as a Norwegian Brigade equipped with CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. 

'US bluffs and false flags' - DONi News director Janus Putkonen in News Front [VIDEO]

After the US missile strikes to Syria and US-led build up against North Korea, world has been keeping its breath because of the latest threatening geopolitical events. DONi Donbass News Agency director and chief editor, Janus Putkonen, gave his commentary about last week events for the News Front.  DONi News Agency Video: News Front, 04/22/2017

Russia strongly backs Iranian membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says that Iran is ready for full SCO membership, now that UN Security Council sanctions have been lifted from the country. Lavrov's statement is reported by RT News.

'Only way to stop US aggression is to get rid of dollar' - Glazyev

Putin's advisor Sergey Glazyev believes that US president Trump is just "doing what the ruling elite expects him to do", and only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, he said on Friday in an interview with TASS News.

Bluff and propaganda: US aircraft carriers are NOT heading to North Korea

Recent news, reports and statements, that US is deploying up to three aircraft carriers against North Korea turns out to be just western war propaganda and presidential bluff. The Defense News reports, that US carrier Carl Vinson is still thousands miles away from Korean peninsula and US officials deny reports that two other US carriers are joining to create combined massive battle group.

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