Ex-commander of Ukraine’s internal troops says foreign snipers operated on Maidan

Foreign snipers were present on the Maidan in Kiev in February 2014, stated Stanislav Shulyak, ex-commander of the internal troops of Ukraine.

According to him, Andrei Parubi (current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada), Sergei Pashinsky (chairman of the Defense and Security Council) and others acted as the organizers of this "monstrous crime."

"The overwhelming majority of snipers were foreign mercenaries," RIA Novosti quoted Shulyak as saying.

He noted that the organizational structures on the Maidan had begun their deployment since November 2013. The first group included militants, commanders of which were subordinate to the opposition leaders, the second one comprised the Kievites, "deceived by the propaganda machine," and the third included onlookers – civilians who came to see what was happening.

Earlier, Vladimir Venchak, Maidan activist, native of the Lvov region, said that the shooting of protesters in Kiev had been conducted from the Ukraina hotel direction, in which were settled opponents of Viktor Yanukovich who was then holding the presidency of the country.

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