Verkhovna Rada claims ATO participants to be Third World War veterans

The Verkhovna Rada deputy, Yuri Bereza taking floor at the plenary Rada’s assembly, claimed that the so-called ATO participants are to be regarded as the Third World war participants.

Bereza threw his weight behind the radicals, beaten during the May 9 celebration in Dnieper while trying to disrupt the parade devoted to the Great Patriotic War heroes.

Bereza stated that the deputy Alexander Vicula was the organizer of the assault and demanded to deprive him of the deputy immunity for the reason of the accusation of “massive riots in the city upon Dnieper”.

“If we don’t do it now, the participants of the liberation movement, the veterans of the Third World War or the First Modern Patriotic War, will commit their own trial. So let’s transfer it in juridical sphere and make the right decision,” claimed Bereza.

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