Ukrainian soldiers bind their constantly drunk commanders to pillory

Constantly drunk major and captain on the 54th Ukrainian Armed Forces’ brigade were bind to the pillory with the help of the scotch tape by their soldiers, who posted the photographs in the internet. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry regarded the case as an emergency and sent a commission aimed at the event investigation, reports the volunteer, helping the ATO participants, Yuri Mysyagin.

“There are the infightings on the range, commissions came again. They turn the 54th brigade inside out, trying to find those who tied the commanders up and who untied them. Just explain how soldiers should disrespect their officers to bind them to the pillory at the range? I can tell you… About what regiment’s honor can we talk if the command bend the elbow constantly, thus being dead drunk?! The analysis on alcohol intoxication showed that major had over 4 per mille. Yes, I'm not mistaken, over 4 per mille. It seems that after such alcohol doze a man cannot survive. Captain had less alcohol in his blood, but it was still a lot. I remember him during deployment in Svetlodarskaya duga. He was a new one in the brigade, but even then he was drinking a lot,” reports Mysyagin in his blog.

According to his data, drunken commanders refused to quit the Ukrainian Armed Forces. More than that, Ukrainian Media tries to show them as heroes.

“Journalists, who were making the report about the range events surprised me even more. They showed them as heroes of Svetlodarskaya duga frights. What heroes can be with 4 per mille in their bodies?” remarks the volunteer.

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