Ukrainian army wants to put Donbass on fire

House burning in Zaytsevo

Since several weeks, the situation aggravates all along the front line in Donbass. The Ukrainian army is deliberately shelling the residential areas of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) with tracing ammunitions and mortars to destroy the houses with fire.

The Ukrainian soldiers do not even hesitate to shell or shoot on firefighters to prevent them from stopping the disaster. Like they did on Sunday in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, killing one commander of a firefighting unit, and injuring two other firefighters. The funerals of the commander occurred yesterday, with around 200 people who came to bid farewell to their commander.

Amidst the 282 shells which fell on the DPR territory between Monday and Tuesday, some of them caused huge fires which destroyed many houses, mainly in Spartak and Zaytsevo. On a total of 22 houses which burned during this day, half of them were in Spartak, and eight were in Zaytsevo.

It seems like the Ukrainian soldiers have decided to completely destroy the DPR by the fire. Thus, they are showing that they are not here to “liberate” Donbass and its people, but just to take the land, without the inhabitants.

These war crimes are now systematic, and if for the moment, they did not led to huge civilian casualties, it could change soon if the AFU continues to use more and more this genocide technique.

Watch the video report in Zaytsevo (some of the videos where houses are still burning were gently provided by the inhabitants who filmed it with their telephone):

Christelle Néant

DONi News Bulletin

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