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Since early 2014 Ukrainian warlords have been purposefully exterminating the inhabitants of Donbass, and openly supporting the neo-Nazis and criminal mercenaries. This war has already been going on for 3 years, and with all the political forces, there seems no end in sight.

Our aim is to tell people the truth about this tragedy and to gather signatures for a petition, which we are going to send to the UN Human Rights Council. The sooner we get the needed number of signatures, the more children we will save.

This project was started by people who really care about all children and calling for the termination of the civil war in Ukraine. The name of the project is «101LIFE» and it shows the number of children who have been killed in this war.

A letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council:

We, unindifferent inhabitants of Europe,

expressing deep concern about the situation of prolonged armed conflict, that has been going on for over 2 years in the Eastern part of Europe, sincerely wishing the senseless bloodshed to stop and peace, order in the European continent to be restored as soon as possible, guided by a desire to lend support in defense of unalienable rights and liberties of Donbass people, appear with the following address:

In 2014, as a response to a coup in Kyiv, the peaceful protest demonstrations were organized by millions of Ukrainian people calling for self-elected Kyiv authorities to comply with the laws of Ukraine. New leadership of Ukraine reacted to the actions of Ukrainian citizens by unleashing of an undeclared war – the so-called anti-terrorist operation. In a moment millions of civilians, who attempted to resist happening lawlessness, were deprived of their basic human’s civil and political rights: the right to life, freedom to physical integrity, right to personal security, right to protection from inhuman treatment, right to health, right to freedom of movement, right to freedom of opinion and expression, and many other unalienable rights recognized by the world community.

Ukrainian propaganda machine systematically tries to represent in front of us people, who are not afraid to express their opinion about the coup in Kyiv in 2014, as the terrorists and militants.

Ukrainian authorities meticulously conceal and hide everything that happens in Donbass from the international community, withheld information about the blockade and the shelling of schools and hospitals. The mass media of the European Union member States, in their turn, also don’t not provide the society with an objective picture of the events taking place in Donbass, thereby they connive the marginal nationalist groups, which are in power in Ukraine.

Only because of individuals of our fellow citizens, who are not afraid of sanctions by Ukraine and who personally visited the territory of Donbass, we have found out the information about all the adversities, which inhabitants of this region have been rubbing through for the last 2 years.

According to eyewitnesses, it is clear that Ukraine "state" is waging war against its own citizens: against children, the elderly, women - millions of civilians, who are going through the inhuman ordeals and excessive suffering without any opportunity to leave their houses, which come under fire; against people, whose rights must be protected by the civilized world community and primarily by our governments.

Now we know that economic and transport blockade of Donbass, alongside with the unceasing battle actions, leads to starvation and suffering of the socially vulnerable citizens, who have found themselves on the brink of survival. Having got no opportunity to produce and export products, industrial giants have to stop production, leaving thousands of workers without a livelihood. The social facilities, such as schools and hospitals, regularly come under the shelling. Erected by the Ukrainian authorities, borders and checkpoints factitiously have separated a part of the territory of the state, and these actions have led to the impossibility of the people of Donbass to be full citizens of their country.

As a result of actions of the central government of Ukraine, thousands of families have been separated: children and their parents can not see one another; the marriages are breaking down, unable to weather the separation of loved ones. In addition, Kyiv authorities have stopped social payments and by this they have actually abandoned hundreds of thousands of pensioners, mothers, the disabled and others with state-guaranteed right to social security to their own fate.

Having learned about such outrages of Ukrainian authorities, we can no longer bear to watch our governments and international organizations stay inactive or providing passive assistance to the crimes of Ukrainian authorities.

We can not remain silent, and we responsibly declare:
We are convinced that the people of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are not extremists, terrorists or criminals. These are people that require respect for fundamental human rights, which are based on the fundamental principles of humanism: right to life, right to physical integrity, right to personal security, right to protection from inhuman treatment, right to health, for the observance of which we stand!

We believe that the war in Donbass can be stopped only by the peaceful means,
through the negotiations and a national consensus, which is possible only with the active impartial assistance of European states and the entire world community.

We are certain that every person has the right to information, to freedom of speech and belief and, therefore, we demand that our governments stop the information blockade.

We call on Ukraine to stop the bloody war in Donbass, and the governments of our countries to lend active assistance for the withdrawal of the Ukrainian troops by the President Poroshenko P.A., for the peace negotiations and establishing a lasting peace in the territory of Donbass.

In accordance with Article 1 of the Charter of the United Nations, the actual organization is intended to achieve international cooperation in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.
This is our common aim as people and citizens in the XXI century. Therefore, we can not ignore what is happening in close proximity to us and we urge the United Nations to pay attention to the flagrant violations of human rights in Ukraine.

I, an inhabitant of Europe, append the signature under this petition to show my commitment to the information stated in petition and join to the complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council, regarding the human rights violations by Ukraine in Donbass.

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  • Comment by Samuli jääskeläinen on 16 Mar 2017

    Ukraina. Stop the war please

  • Comment by Heikki Sipilä on 16 Mar 2017

    Stop the War!

  • Comment by Vilho Kinnunen on 16 Mar 2017

    Lopettakaa Itä-Ukrainan pommittaminen

  • Comment by Maria Viherlaakso on 16 Mar 2017

    Peace as soon as possible.

  • Comment by Anne Ruuskanen on 17 Mar 2017

    Weapons make not peace!. Weapons make corpses and enemies!

  • Comment by masson on 17 Mar 2017

    arreter de faire couler le sang de ces innocents et que l'UE et le FMI arrete d'armée ces nazis qui ne se privent pas de tuer femme et enfants sans autres formes de procés la liberté des peuples a exister est dans dans la charte des droit de l'homme existe et il est honteux que des gens qui ont choisi de vivre autrement que sous un regime nazis soit accepter

  • Comment by lorinquer on 17 Mar 2017

    arreter de faire couler le sang de ces innocents et que l'UE et le FMI arretent d'armer ces nazis

  • Comment by MATAGNE Maurice on 17 Mar 2017

    Arrêter le massacre perpétré par les nazis de KIEV, contre la population du Donbass et de Lougansk.
    Elle demande le respect des droits de l'homme.

  • Comment by Katrin Tschö on 17 Mar 2017

    We must end the war in Donbass.

  • Comment by Scarlatti Dominique on 17 Mar 2017

    Stop,au massacre des civils dans tout le donbass et surtout que l'UE dont la France arrete de cautionner les assassins de Kiev ! ! !

  • Comment by gobert christophe on 17 Mar 2017

    non aux droits de l'homme à deux vitesses , arreter le massacre dans le dombass

  • Comment by Lyudmyla Kubrak on 17 Mar 2017

    Finite la guerra in Donbas! !! Basta le guerre è violenza! !!

  • Comment by konotop on 17 Mar 2017

    le droit des peuples a disposer d'eux même.

  • Comment by Didonna on 17 Mar 2017

    Je soutien le dombass stop à se massacre

  • Comment by touat hocine on 18 Mar 2017

    arretez le conflit entre freres au profit des occidentaux

  • Comment by catherine on 18 Mar 2017

    Oui pour le respect du droit international et le droit des peuples à l'auto-détermination ! Oui! pour juger les responsable des crimes de guerre contre le peuple du Donbass ! oui pour dénoncer ces nazis qui fêtent en 2017 la waffen SS et commettent les pires exactions !

  • Comment by Capron on 18 Mar 2017

    Contre cette guerre

  • Comment by Herbinet on 18 Mar 2017

    L'histoire du monde ne vous a donc rien appris?
    Ça suffit!
    Cessez ces meurtres déguisés!
    Nous sommes la seule espèce à nous autodétruire! Il n'y a vraiment pas de quoi pavoiser!

  • Comment by sambati on 18 Mar 2017

    Je soutiens le Donbass car je suis pour la justice et la vérité et ce n'est pas le cas!
    Le pire dans tout cela c'est que la France l'Europe Etas-Unis et la plus part des merdias ils soutiennent ces atrocités et ces nazis!!!!!
    Respect aux habitants du Donbass et à tous ceux qui les aides,

  • Comment by Antinoro on 20 Mar 2017

    Arrêtés les guerres,c'est pénibles des voir des personnes femmes et enfants ces faires massacrés,L'ONU !!!ça sert à rien,c'est le pouvoir qu'il domine le monde ,vivres et laissés vivres,

  • Comment by Merot Iryna on 20 Mar 2017

    Stop!!! Arrêtez faire la guerre contre la population du Donbass et de Lougansk.Arrétez tuer femme et enfants du Donbass!!! Ils demande le respect des droits de l'homme.

  • Comment by Pierre Brun de Saint Hippolyte on 20 Mar 2017

    Arrêtez cette guerre. appliquez les accords de Minsk.

  • Comment by Jean Hamblenne on 20 Mar 2017

    Toutes les guerres sont injustes.

  • Comment by Bernardino Fransousky on 21 Mar 2017

    L’agression ethnique dont se rend coupable le gouvernent de monsieur Porochenko est un crime de guerre civile perpétré avec les moyens techniques et les armes fournis par Washington et l'Union Européenne. Le sang versé retombera sur la tête des commanditaires ultimes de ce crime d' Etat.

  • Comment by Alex on 22 Mar 2017

    Stop the war on Donbass and stop the occupation of Novorossiya!

  • Comment by Jacky Lepan on 22 Mar 2017

    Arrêtez faire la guerre contre la population Ukranien Arrétez tuer femme et enfants les guerres au profit des occidentaux est USA.

  • Comment by Jerry Raiter on 22 Mar 2017

    Stop this stupid war.
    Yesterday brothers try to kill each other today, are you all crazy?
    If some part of Russia will want to separate and join Ukraine, will Ukraine will look positive if Russia will attack that part?

  • Comment by Ireneus Moras on 22 Mar 2017

    Stop this war now.

  • Comment by Jasenska on 22 Mar 2017

    STOP WAR !

  • Comment by Kris on 23 Mar 2017

    Time to end with violence and war and the victims are elders and children !!!

  • Comment by Elo Kemppainen on 28 Mar 2017

    Rauha Eurooppaan...!

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