Tens of billions of dollars and thousands of dead: Kiev calls price of ATO

Ukraine estimated the economic losses from the conflict in Donbass: $50 billion, and the number of dead Ukrainian military. The number of civilian casualties was previously voiced by the UN. The price of the so-called ATO is off scale.

Fifty billion dollars. In this amount, Ivan Rusnak, First Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, estimated the economic losses of Ukraine as a result of the conflict in Donbass. According to him, the objects of energy, transport, social and other infrastructures have been destroyed in the east. People were left without jobs. The military official also informed that, as a result of the armed confrontation, more than 2700 Ukrainian servicemen were killed. Only this year 120 soldiers and 47 civilians were killed, about a thousand were injured and wounded.

The figures, to be honest, are impressive. Especially when you consider that they back the fate of specific people and entire cities, almost destroyed by the Kiev army with the help of artillery even after the conclusion of the Minsk agreements. According to the UN, since 2014, more than 10,000 civilians have died in Donbass. Rusnak did not mention these data, which, most probably, are understated. At the same time, knowing the skills and love of Kiev for manipulating statistics, one cannot doubt: the real losses of Ukraine and Donbass from the so-called anti-terrorist operation are even greater.

Plus, hundreds of suicides among former and current participants of military operations on the part of Kiev, as the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov recently stated about. In a word, the price of war is over the limit. But as the capital continues to sound statements about the need to return Donbass, and after - the Crimea at any cost, it is not catastrophic for the Ukrainians. Otherwise, there would be no longer in the corridors of power of those who are determined to aggression and talk from a position of strength. Even considering the fact that this "strength" is clearly not enough. Who will compensate the losses? Who will restore Donbass when the conflict ends? It must happen at some point. These questions remain unanswered. In any case, Kiev does not provide its intelligible version, continuing to blame Moscow for all the ills.

And then another question arises: why did the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine suddenly publish such impressive and even terrible figures? Was in done to turn again to Western partners for help? Because Trump, in spite of the meeting with Poroshenko, is not ready indefinitely and for free support Ukraine. Moreover, military aid of the US to Ukraine has been halved. Kiev has the last hope - to appeal to the compassion of the Western patrons. But the feeling of compassion for the inhabitants of Donbass at the very Ukrainian authorities is amputated.

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