Russian MFA: Ukrainian education act violates universally recognized standards

Moscow believes that the law on education adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine violates the Ukrainian constitution and Kiev's international obligations, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian parliament approved a new law on education. According to the Minister of Education of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich, the law presupposes that first the children of ethnic minorities' representatives will study subjects in their native language, in the 5-9 grade they will be introduced subjects in the Ukrainian language of teaching, "and in high school almost all subjects will be taught on Ukrainian language." This scenario is provided for all national minorities, including schools with exclusively Russian language teaching.

"We consider this step as an attempt of the 'Maidan' authority to implement the full Ukrainianization of the country's educational space, which directly contradicts both its constitution and Kiev's assumed international obligations in the humanitarian sphere," the commentary published on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday.

The ministry noted that "in such an assessment of the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, Moscow is not alone."

"Foreign ministries of Hungary, Poland, Romania, as well as the Moldovan president, have already sharply criticized the above-mentioned law," the document says.

It states that although the law adopted by the Ukrainian parliament does not mention the Russian language, "it is obvious that the main goal of the current Ukrainian lawmakers is to maximally violate the interests of millions of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine, the violent establishment of a mono-ethnic language regime in a multiethnic state."

"We are convinced of the demand for collective efforts, including on the "platforms" of international organizations, in order to counteract the policy of the Ukrainian authorities that violate the generally recognized human rights standards," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Earlier in the governments of Hungary and Romania said that the law on education violated the rights of national minorities in Ukraine. The Hungarian Foreign Ministry noted that it would no longer support important decisions for Ukraine in international organizations.

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