In Donbass the New Year's truce is in a bad way – Despite the new ceasefire, shellings continue (Videos)

On Donbass front line, the days follow and almost resemble each other, despite public statements on new ceasefire, the situation changes little in the end on the hottest spots of the front.

And you just need to compare the situation at the Donetsk airport about ten days before the Christmas ceasefire (established on December 24 at midnight) and that of Yasinovataya positions just after the latter, to see that in the game of spot the difference it will be difficult to find it.

Video report done at Donetsk airport on 13 December 2016:

Video report done near the positions located between Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka on 24 December 2016:

Field data confirm the figures given by the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR).

Thus, after the amazing figure of 3,002 violations of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian army against the DPR on 24 December, if the figures have fallen since the establishment of this new ceasefire, they nevertheless remain far from zero. Thus, last night, between 6 pm and 2 am, the Ukrainian army fired 86 mortar shells on the outskirts of Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Debaltsevo and the villages in the south of the DPR. And during the previous 24 hours, the Ukrainian army had still shelled the DPR 189 times.

Yesterday afternoon, it was the checkpoint of Alexandrovka which was bombed with mortar shells of 120 mm while civilians were crossing the checkpoint. A shelling which fortunately did not cause any casualties.

And in LPR, the shellings continue, still near the Debaltsevo area, but also further north, near Kirovsk. Shellings done with mortars, anti-tank grenade launchers and infantry fighting vehicles, not to mention small-arms fire.

Two days before the entry into force of the new ceasefire, Patrick Lancaster was able to film on the LPR positions the shellings of the Ukrainian army near Debaltsevo:

The full, uncut version of the video proves that it was not the LPR soldiers who attacked the Ukrainian army, thus dismantling all the Ukrainian and Western propaganda that had been spread around the repeated attacks carried out against the LPR positions, but also against the center of Debaltsevo, which was bombed on December 23 while it is at kilometers from the front line.

A few days before New Year's Eve, it seems that it is at the sound of the canons that Donbass will celebrate the arrival of the year 2017.

Christelle Néant

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  • Comment by rém78 on 27 Dec 2016


    Merci pour ce reportage, je consulte très souvent tes sitrep sur youtube ainsi que le site d'Erwan Castel. Je tiens souvent informé mon entourage sur ce qui se passe dans le donbass sur cette saloperie de tragédie orchestrée par Kiev ses valets européens.

    Longue vie à la RPL et à la RPD ainsi qu'à leurs armées.

    Encore merci pour ton dévouement et ton professionnalisme.


    Un français de 32 ans

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