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DONi News Bulletin

Suggested Articles

Latest DONi Press

  • 12 Oct 2017
    Who is behind Amnesty InternationalWho is behind Amnesty International?

    "Amnesty International is funded mainly by its membership and public donations. No funds are sought or accepted from governments for investigating and campaigning against human rights abuses. Amnesty International is independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion." This ...

  • 19 Jul 2017
    Birth of Malorossiya – restoring peace and order, creating sovereign people's federation

    Yesterday, in the DPR capital, Donetsk, I personally participated in the event at which, under the leadership of the Head of the Donetsk People's Repulic, a declaration of establishment of a new state of Malorossiya to replace the former Ukraine ...

  • 10 Jun 2017
    EU sets up army headquarters and defense fund

    The European Union approved a new joint military command centre for civilian and military operations. The day before the European comission had iniated a European Defense Fund of up to €5 billions per year. Latest decisions are based to federalist ...

DONi Press Videos

  • 24 Jan 2017
    Ancora fuoco sui civili: "I soldati ucraini aspettano solo di vederci morti"
  • 6 Jan 2017
    Journey of a Donbass model becoming a war reporter, and her insights on the future of her motherland
  • 5 Jan 2017
    Trois Pères Noël français sont venus apporter de l'aide humanitaire dans le Donbass

Suggested Youtube Video

  • 10 Dec 2017
    Last Autumn in Donetsk
  • 29 Dec 2016
    "Oh, The War" - Donbass Music Video, December 2016
  • 24 Dec 2016
    Outcome of the first Ukrainian terror bombing of Debaltsevo since 2015