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DONi News Bulletin

Suggested Articles

Latest DONi Press

  • 19 Feb 2018
    DONi Donbass News Agency and Press Center in temporary stoppage

    The official DONi Donbass International News Agency, placed in the Donetsk People's Republic, has faced a temporary stoppage of its informational works due the organizational re-arrangements and structural changes. The DONi News Agency and Press Center will temporarily cease its actions ...

  • 12 Jan 2018
    Vlad PlahotniucVlad Plahotniuc - the criminal master of Moldova

    The Republic of Moldova today is a state that is actually fully integrated into the economic and law field of the EU, but so far without the right to full membership in the union. Suffice it to mention that in ...

  • 19 Dec 2017
    Shelling of LPR represents acts of Ukrainian state terrorism – Finnish journalist

    The cruel shelling of the civilian districts of the Lugansk People's Republic represents acts of pure state terrorism, conducted by the western backed Kiev regime, believes director of the international DONi Donbass News Agency Janus Putkonen. The commentary was first ...

DONi Press Videos

  • 24 Jan 2017
    Ancora fuoco sui civili: "I soldati ucraini aspettano solo di vederci morti"
  • 6 Jan 2017
    Journey of a Donbass model becoming a war reporter, and her insights on the future of her motherland
  • 5 Jan 2017
    Trois Pères Noël français sont venus apporter de l'aide humanitaire dans le Donbass

Suggested Youtube Video

  • 10 Dec 2017
    Last Autumn in Donetsk
  • 29 Dec 2016
    "Oh, The War" - Donbass Music Video, December 2016
  • 24 Dec 2016
    Outcome of the first Ukrainian terror bombing of Debaltsevo since 2015