Tim Lancaster, father of the famous American journalist in the Donbass, Patrick Lancaster - "I am proud of what my son does"

Timothy, Patrick and Timur

Among the foreign journalists who came to the Donbass since the beginning of the war, Patrick Lancaster is undeniably one of those who has become most known for his determination to show the truth for four years, even if it means putting his life in danger.

Patrick is one of those journalists who have been, and still are, role models and inspiration to me. Patrick Lancaster showed me what a journalist should be: honest, sincere, factual, and using the information gained through his reporting to help the people who need it most.

If there was one person who weighed among others (without knowing it) to push me to become a journalist in the Donbass, it is Patrick.

So when I heard that his father was coming to see his son, but also his daughter-in-law and grandson whom he never saw, it was important for me to interview him to better understand how Patrick became the man he is.

Timothy Lancaster is a smiling man, always affable and in a good communicative mood. Throughout the interview and in our off-camera discussions, and despite the fact that we've been talking about stormy topics (like politics), he never raises his voice, and always speaks with a great calm punctuated by huge smiles.

When you see Tim Lancaster, you understand where Patrick gets his incredible kindness and generosity of heart. Not to mention the physical resemblance between them, which is more than striking.

The funniest was this discussion with the FSB at the border between Russia and the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). While most foreigners can easily spend an hour or two talking with the FSB the first time they cross the border, time for security services to check whether the person is a danger or not, Tim spent only 25 minutes at most.

And the explanation provided can make you smile, even laugh loudly, since it is Tim's passion for hockey that will earn him the benevolence of the FSB officer in charge of questioning him.

The same cannot be said of the FBI, which came to Patrick's mother's house some time ago and ask questions about what his son is doing in the Donbass. Her mother then replies to federal agents that she believes in what her son is doing and that she is proud of him. A position shared by his father, but which does not seem to have been appreciated by federal agents.

Tim is clearly his son's biggest fan, and rightly so. He will now be able to spend time with Patrick and his grandson, and continue to discover Donetsk, who has already left a strong positive impression on him upon his arrival.

I would like to thank Zak Novak of Novorossia Today for actively participating in this "two-voice" interview with Timothy Lancaster.

See the interview in English with French subtitles :

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  • Comment by MichelR on 6 Jun 2018

    Merci de nous faire partager ce moment
    C est encourageant

  • Comment by Срђан Ранђеловић on 6 Jun 2018

    Excellent article and interview!

  • Comment by Harold Jay Hoover on 13 Jun 2018

    Thank you, so much, for this enjoyable interview.

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