How the US ambassador in Germany is covering a Moldovan oligarch

US ambassador in Germany

The theme of American ambassadors in these or those countries always revolves around the fact that the US ambassadors are almost the Presidents of the countries to which they are appointed. Deputies of the highest authority on earth. Tell local authorities how to act and what to do. With whom to cooperate, and on whom to impose sanctions. If the government does not suit the US - the ambassadors are looking for an opposition that could be put "at the helm." This is all well known and is not particularly surprised.

However, you would probably be surprised if I said that the US ambassador also "covers" the criminal oligarchs suspected of trafficking in people and the huge financial embezzlement. This is also almost everyone knows, but since this "US ambassador" can close his eyes to this.

But there are those who oppose such an embassy ...

Recently, on the website of the American edition of the Observer, an article appeared about the activities of the US ambassador Rick Grinell to Germany. Its author is John Schindler, a security expert, former analyst and counterintelligence officer of the National Security Agency.

We quickly skip the astonishing statements of US Ambassador Grinell, who urges the FRG to "immediately" cease cooperation with Iran. Think about the chain of the listed countries. Really?

But we immediately turn to the most interesting.

US and their friends

According to Schindler, for many years the current ambassador earned money as a political consultant and advisor. In 2009, he founded Capital Media Partners with offices in key cities in America. His task was to help establish "strategic international communications" for clients.

He had clients not only from the US, but also from Iran, Kazakhstan, Congo, Somalia, Australia, and some European countries. Among European clients, Moldova turned out to be "a small country, which few Americans even thought about at any time".

Why did we focus on Moldova? And here is why. There is such a very influential political player in Moldova - Vladimir Plahotniuc. Naturally, he is the richest oligarch in the country. Grinell, according to the author, began to write actively about Moldova and praise Plahotniuc after the reputation of the latter "went to spots". It is a question of public statements by the former deputy head of the National Center for Combating Corruption, Mikhail Hoffman, who told the FBI quite clearly how Plahotniuc controlled the theft of $ 1 billion from the Moldovan treasury. "


You ask, how is it known? Maybe it's rumors spread by political opponents? No. Interpol recognized the role of Plahotniuc in human trafficking in 2012, based on the Italian request. However, the oligarch was never tried for his "crimes", writes the publicist. "This is not surprising, given his influence on corrupt Moldovan justice," explains Schindler. But there is no court, as they say in Russia. At the same time, Moldovan politicians openly say that "Plahotniuc was involved in human trafficking, he was a pimp, he received income from this business", the author of the article of their words cites.

All this topic with Plahotniuc and Grinell found a wide response in the Moldovan blogosphere. People did not understand how it was possible at all! What do they consider as people of the third grade? The natives who can trade "white people"?

The journalist Natalia Morar spoke more clearly. She asks how it happened that Vlad Plahotniuc allows himself to "keep" among the lobbyists, including American diplomats, for example, the US ambassador in Berlin? Is this now so accepted?

Romanian political expert Armand Goshu, specializing in the situation in Moldova, called the article "a must read" about Moldova, Plahotniuc and his lobby in Washington. And we do not yet know this, so he has such "plahotniucs" in other countries where his company works. Can the local "plahotniuc" there generally eat people?

In general, the US ambassadors in various countries have already felt their freedom and impunity so much that apart from inflating revolutions and teaching how to act to the national authorities, they began to turn out financial schemes of dubious legal content. Personally, I really all this reminds the ship with the sailed Europeans and a bunch of natives with whom you can do whatever you want for the beads.

Did not you have such an analogy?

Antony Burdin

Translation done by Andrew Holmes

Source: http://masterok.media/91680-kak-posol-ssha-v-germanii-kryshuet-moldavskogo-oligarha.html

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