Brutal escalation of the situation in the Donbass - Ukrainian army launches offensives on the outskirts of Gorlovka


For a week now, the Ukrainian army has been raging against Gorlovka and its periphery, multiplying the dead and wounded among civilians. The tollin one week is already four dead and seven wounded. There is no longer a day without a civilian victim.

Worse, some of these victims, such as those who died in Zaïtsevo on 19 May, were killed by mortar shells, filled with metal darts, which use on civilian areas is prohibited by international conventions.

Here are the darts that were recovered on the spot and from the bodies of some of the victims:


And this toll continues to rise at this very moment, as the Ukrainian military has attempted several breakthroughs of the DPR defense lines tonight and this morning. At 10:05, the AFU fired 120-mm mortars at the Gagarin mine area, leaving four civilians wounded, two of them in serious condition. School number 10 also came under fire, forcing teachers and students to hide in cellars. Such shooting in the middle of the day marks a serious escalation.

But the night was no calmer. Taking advantage of the darkness, two platoons of Ukrainian soldiers (apparently from the neo-Nazi battalion Donbass) attempted to break through the defense lines of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) near Golomovsky. The soldiers of the DPR responded and repulsed the attack.

Map of attacks

But with heavy artillery and heavy machine gun fire, the Ukrainian forces managed to get close enough to the lines of defense to capture three DPR soldiers and kill one on the spot. The prisoners were used as human shields to cover their withdrawal.

Despite these methods worthy of terrorists, Ukrainian soldiers could not avoid further losses in their retreat. In total, Ukrainian soldiers lost five dead and four wounded. Two of the bodies of the dead soldiers were abandoned on the battlefield, and Ukrainian soldiers are now trying to recover them.

At the time of writing, the attack still goes on with the continued use of heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, and the losses of the Ukrainian army are increasing.

The command of the DPR army is concerned about the fate of its men who were captured because the Donbass battalion is known for its cruelty and the systematic use of torture to force our soldiers to make false statements.

Another offensive was launched this morning according to our colleagues from War Gonzo, from the village of Chigari (western outskirts of Gorlovka), with tank support. Several units of the DPR army including elite troops were deployed on the spot in an emergency to prevent any breakthrough of the lines.

There too, the AFU suffered casualties, and they try to extract the bodies of their fallen soldiers from the battlefield. Some were recovered by the DPR army and taken to the morgue:

Photo of Ukrainian dead soldier

According to DPR soldiers stationed in Gorlovka, Ukrainian soldiers are throwing bodies into the Yuzhnaya mine to hide the extent of their losses, and Dzerzhinsk's panic has forced the AFU to evacuate civilian population of the area close to the front.

The AFU continue to evacuate their dead and wounded as quickly as possible, at least 10 vehicles are conducting this evacuation.

Despite rumors, no evacuation of the Gorlovka population has been launched. The information was confirmed by the mayor of the city, who said that only schools closest to the front had sent their students to study from home to avoid additional victims in case of a new attempt to break through the lines.

Other information may fall during the day as these offensives continue.

- At 13:35, the AFU again fired a 82-mm mortar at the Gagarin Mine area. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and representatives of the DPR in the JCCC were on hand to record the consequences of this morning's shootings, and found themselves under the shelling of the Ukrainian army. More information to come.

Christelle Néant

Translation by Tom Winter for Fort Russ

Bollettino di Notizie DONi

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  • Comment by Jack on 22 May 2018

    Praise to the heroes of Novorossiya!!!
    I am American and ashamed of our politicians!!! To me they are all traitors. My father fought against the Nazis. Death to all RightSektor Nazis.

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