Unlearned Lessons 14/41 - short movie from Donetsk (English subtitles)

A touching short film ”Unlearned Lessons 14/41” shows the horrors of war through the eyes of two school boys, both stranded in the same classroom of the same school, but during different eras.

During the shelling of Donetsk in the autumn of 2014 by the Ukrainian army, a school boy finds himself stuck in a class room, the door blocked by falling debris. Unable to escape or call for help, he receives a message from an unlikely source; a writing on the blackboard by a boy hiding in the same room from a Nazi attack in 1941.

Divided by over 70 years of time, the experiences of war have not changed, with feelings of fear, loss and grief, but also a shared resolution to defend themselves and the people against an outside aggressor.

Orginal name: Короткометражный фильм «Невыученный урок 14/41»

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