Ukraine's SBU counters OSCE, UN missions in Donbass – documented exposure

The SBU has been hampering the activities of the OSCE Mission and UN representatives in Donbass since the very outset of the conflict, states a document from among the bulk of materials passed to the DPR officials and made public by the SBU ex-chief cryptographer Lieutenant-Colonel Roman Labusov, who has recently defected to the Republic's side.

Thus, in late 2015 [on 10.08.2015] the Head of the SBU Office in the Donetsk Region, Colonel O.I. Kuts, secretly notified the Head of the Counter-Intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine, Colonel Naida V.A., of the measures, undertaken in order to prevent alleged 'intelligence activities in favour of the aggressor country' on the part of the OSCE SMM and UN personnel. The consideration of proceedings' initiation against certain OSCE SMM observers and UN representatives was also on the list.

"We inform that in compliance with the requirements of the Counter-Intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine to verify information about the possible involvement of some OSCE SMM observers and UN representatives in the special services of foreign states, the SBU Office in the Donetsk Region has carried out a series of counter-intelligence activities aimed at complicating the activities of these international organizations violating the interests of Ukraine, namely:

- counter-intelligence measures have been taken, aimed at revealing the facts of the activities of international observers of the OSCE SMM and UN representatives contrary to the interests of Ukraine, documentation of possible indicators of their conducting intelligence activities, primarily in favour of the aggressor country (notified to the initiator);

- an effective system of operational support of visits of representatives of the OSCE SMM and UN staff to the bodies of State power and self-government of Ukraine has been established;

- conditions have been created to make it impossible for the OSCE SMM and UN personnel to visit the military units of Ukraine during their execution of "special activities" against illegal armed groups located in the territory of the separate districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions;

- activities have been organized for the technological infiltration into observers' places of temporary residence, sites of meetings and premises where documentation is technically processed (notified to the initiator);

- using existing capacities (including involving agents from the "hackers' community"), infiltration into the relevant servers and personal computers of staff, etc. (notified to the initiator);

- operational examination of the records of technical staff of international structures is being carried out with a view to acquire operational sources from among Ukrainian citizens and organize further operational and technical activities regarding the functionaries of the outlined missions. At the present time, activities are being held concerning selected individuals to consider them as candidates for recruitment, the results of which will be reported separately.

The issue of expediency of the further conduct of counter-intelligence measures in relation to certain OSCE SMM observers and UN representatives, whose actions display evidence suggesting activities to the detriment of Ukraine, is being considered under the relevant Prosecutorial Investigation Committees, under the definition of "intelligence activities against Ukraine." The initiation of cases concerning this category of persons will be compulsorily agreed with the relevant units of the Counter-Intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine."

The original text of the document in Ukrainian is available here.

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