Total Destruction in Video: Donetsk Chemical Plant Shelled by Ukraine on Tuesday

Total destruction caused by Ukrainian shelling on Tuesday morning at the Donetsk People's Republic state chemical plant in the Kuibyshevsky district, which is located in the outskirt of the DPR capital, is seen in this video report, provided by the DPR People's Militia press service.

"The AFU fired at the territory of the Donetsk state chemical manufacture plant with 152mm artillery. Casualties were registered. According to preliminary data, one civilian perished," noted the Command representative earlier today.

It was emphasized that the fire was launched from the Ukrainian army's positions near the locality of Nevelskoye, that is between the Kiev-occupied Avdeyevka and Karlovka. The shelling occurred at about 10 a.m. A heavy explosion was heard in all districts of the city.

"We are at the territory of Donetsk State Chemical Production plant. I would like to underline that there is no military positions here and there never were. Two hours ago, the artillery hit conducted from the Ukrainian positions’ side took place," said Danil Bezsonov, the Head of the DPR People’s Militia Press service.

"The hit was conducted with the large-calibre artillery, we can see it by the funnel," he continued.

"We’ve checked the explosion on the plant and there is no chemical contamination in the air. We’ve committed the analysis on the contamination with sulphur mustard, and now we will check the radiation level in this area," said one of the soldiers measuring possible chemical fallout.

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Video: DPR Ministry of Defense, 14.2.2017

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