Shelling of LPR represents acts of Ukrainian state terrorism – Finnish journalist

The cruel shelling of the civilian districts of the Lugansk People's Republic represents acts of pure state terrorism, conducted by the western backed Kiev regime, believes director of the international DONi Donbass News Agency Janus Putkonen. The commentary was first published in the official LPR Mir-Lugansk news site.

In the night of Tuesday, December 19, the Kiev security forces fired artillery shells at Stakhanov and Pervomaisk. As a result of the shelling of one of the most densely populated areas of Stakhanov, a pensioner passed away, three people were wounded, the houses were damaged, gas pipelines were broken. In Pervomaisk, during the shelling, a resident of the city was wounded, houses and infrastructure facilities sustained damage as well.

“Shelling of LPR represents acts of state terrorism,” Finnish journalist states.

“The cruel shelling of the civilian districts of the Lugansk People's Republic represents acts of pure state terrorism, conducted by the western backed Kiev regime. The trend has been worrying in the past weeks and escalation of the situation in both Donbass republics, growth in all kind of provocations, in political and military spheres, have been witnessed,” believes Putkonen.

The Finnish journalist emphasized that apparently the West, led by US war hawks, has again chosen military solutions in its destructive agenda to fuel geopolitical standoff between the West and Russia.

“Recent decisions to provide the Kiev forces with more modern weaponry and using the Kiev regime inforcing to pull out Russian military observers from the JCCC group in Donbass, has paved the way for huge provocations, witnessed in the past 24 hours. Ukraine acts just as a puppet state for the western geopolitical agenda,” Janus Putkonen added.

He believes that in the eyes of the western population, general opininon that Donbass citizens are now forced to pay the price of the great western geopolitical defeat in Syria, which was strongly assisted by Russia and its allies, is growing.

“Bloody and destructive provocations are targeted to force Russia to make military intervention, so the geostrategic target is exactly the same as it has been since the western backed coup on Maidan. The silence in the mainstream western media about Ukrainian war crimes is just a terrible fact and serves the bloody western interests in fueling propaganda against Russia,” the director of the international DONi Donbass News Agency assures.

Putkonen thinks the civil war in Donbass has a complicated provocative geopolitical nature, very unique in the history of war, and actions done by the Kiev regime and continued shelling of populated civilian areas with heavy weapon systems from year to another has basically no equal comparison in the history. In his opinion, the sad reality is, that there is only limited options to stop this madness, as it’s supported by the US/EU and NATO.

“The fact is that the future of Europe relies today on the shoulders of DPR and LPR citizens and it is measured by the strenght of Donbass miners. If we can’t stand the pressure alone and mother Russia is forced to make intervention to save Russians in Donbass, join the war against the western backed Kiev forces, and that happens before geopolitical situation has turned to favor of the Russian world, the outcome will be most destructive all-out war in Europe between the West and Russia. Most possibly, the so-called Armageddon,” says Putkonen.

“Shelling of the Lugansk people today shows us that the enemy of Donbass has no conscience left. After over three years of war, the murderers behind the artillery weapons know exactly what they are targeting. It asks more than it can be asked for people to stay calm, not turn to the hate, but rely on national unity and Donbass defenses. But that is exactly what is needed. Every day Ukraine and its allies are becoming weaker, while free Donbass together with Russia – stronger. That’s why they are afraid and conduct these provocative acts of state terrorism,” the Finnish journalist concluded.

DONi News Agency

According to: MIR Lugansk

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  • Comment by John Macdonald on 21 Dec 2017

    The fact that the Illegitimate and illegal Kiev regime consistently gets away with the shelling of civilians and extensive violations of the Minsk Agreement,shows how the OSCE is politically motivated and controlled by western power bases.The simple fact that despite all the proof the Maidon coup was manipulated and controlled by the CIA and US State dept. and is still recognized as legitimate shows clearly that the people of Donbass can never hope to get fair deal!

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