Russia deploys latest Sukhoi fighters to northern frontier: Baltic Sea, Karelia and Arctic

Russia's Defence Ministry has informed in past three days about series of military actions, which immediately started to secure Russian airspace in its north-western frontier and bolster Russia's regional defense capability. Russia has announced in just 3 days 3 separate deployments of most modern Sukhoi fighter jets to same northern direction: Baltic sea, Karelia and Barents Sea.

As we can see, series of Russian fighter jet deployments, which are happening at the same time in the long Russian northern and north-western border, will generally terminate possibility for western air forces to use Finnish airspace for threatening several Russia's most important strategic locations: St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and Murmansk.

On 6.12.2016 Russian Defence Ministry announced that it has started to deploy a regiment of the newest Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets in the Arctic in order to create reliable aviation shield for Russian ships and submarines in the area of Barents Sea. These jets will be part of the marine aviation of the Northern fleet and will be based at the Severomorsk-3 airfield close to Murmansk.

On 7.12.2016 it was announced that Russia's Baltic Sea Fleet has started to receive the latest configuration of Sukhoi Su-30SM on 8 December. Baltic Fleet also informed that the new contracts are ecxpected to be signed, and more similar Sukhoi aircrafts will be deployed in 2017. Baltic Fleet base is located in Kaliningrad.

On 8.12.2016 Russian Defece Ministry announced that Russia's Air Base in Karelia has received squadron of the latest Sukhoi Su-35S fighter jets. These most modern 4++ generation figter planes will be deployed less than 200 km away from the Finnish border to protect Russia's north-western frontier. Arrival of the Su-35's you can see in Russia's Defense Ministry video, which was published on 8 December.

COMMENT: Russian defense actions based on new threats, which have risen from NATO-Finland

In past two years Finland has basically opened its land, sea and airspace for the western armies. These actions by former neutral North-European state are directly against Finnish constitution, and all of these actions have been done basically without parliamentary handling. It should be remembered, that Finland has about 1,300 km long border with Russia.

In July 2016 British air force jets started regular patrols in the Finnish airspace, and Finland is constantly hosting different types of US-NATO war games close to Russian border. Also the US Air Force has been operating several occasions in past year in Finnish airspace with fighter jets.

Growing western military threat rising from the territory of Finland is based on "NATO Host Nation Support Agreement", which was signed and ratified by Finland in the Wales NATO Summit in 2014. Finland is giving full support for western "Operation Atlantic Resolve", which is US-NATO military action plan to counter so called "Russian threat".


The Sukhoi Su-30SM is two-seat multifunctional super maneuverable fighter aircraft, equipped with variable thrust vector engines, was passed into service in the Russian Defense Ministry in 2012. As of today, the Russian Aerospace Forces and the marine aviation have received about 60 new fighter jets from 116, which should be supplied according to a contract.

The Sukhoi Su-35 remains the top Russian air fighter in service today. Its technical characteristics allow the plane to evade missiles or dogfight at close ranges. The latest versions of the plane are equipped with advanced active jamming stations making it difficult for the enemy to detect it.

DONi News editorial, Janus Putkonen, director

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