Open letter from Donetsk to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom

I happened to learn one lesson while I was a student of the theatrical school. The teacher asked us: “What does it mean for you to be a queen?” Racing with one another, we began to answer talking of a special posture, about the person’s authority. He replied: “No, this is the atmosphere in the room, which begins to change as soon as you come in!
Meryl Streep

Your Majesty!

The desire of any person to write a letter to the Queen deviates, as a rule, from the framework of the ordinary. And it is almost an impudence to apply to a person of a such high rank as you are, Your Majesty. Nevertheless, having decided to apply to you, I hope my too daring dream being heard by You will be perceived with a kind of a benevolence.

I am pleased to make an acknowledgement that I have always been interested in any sorts of news of You which might appear on the pages of the magazines or newspaper, or upon the TV screen. My confession: I always perceive such news as a conscious royal forgiveness toward the common people’s interest concerning Your privet and public life, Your Majesty. What else could be added…? Only the fact that the fates of the imperious and an inaccessible people, who realize the obvious simplicity of such truth with the portion of a specific condescension, always draws the common people’s attention to themselves.

Having got yielded to the magic of such inclination, the one, as a common person, begins to change unwittingly himself. It might be a mistakable opinion, but it is worthy to get for a moment only into the shining halo of the Royal might, whether in the thoughts, or in the dreams, and you will get a magic strength of confidence in everything you are doing or speaking of. Soon you will begin to feel that the whole world around you begins to change, slowly resisting the changes at the beginning, as a stood too long, for years without any motion and without the lubricant, enormous wheel of the old mill. But what a miracle is it watching then its each revolution, which easily cuts the layers of a grown heavily through the long stagnation air all around. The very first revolution, which got fed up from the hands of a miller with a long-awaited oil additional supply… And you watch with the delight and enthusiasm the motion of the wheel, which confidently gains speed in order to overpower this cherished first revolution, which is accompanied with the unpleasant sounds of squeak so far, in order to take off upwards, and to roll down downward then… And again, to even more fervidly to take off , without no fear to drop down…, and even more fearlessly to rush downward…

Yes…, involuntarily you will begin to embrace your own thoughts and ideas with a definite courage soon. Though, some time ago only they were perceived by yourself as the sterile flowers in the midst of the already impregnated by the zealous bees modest pink flowers of a peach tree. Gladdening the eye by their refined blossoming, the clusters of the tiny flower- babies are in a hurry to fill with a marvellous aroma the each minute of their precious short term lives. Trying keeping pace with the assigned rhythm of the planned flowering. And, as a sad result then, to resign themselves slavishly to the cheerless falling down into the non-existence… Transforming rapidly before the one’s very eye into the faded yellow, painfully- lifeless, very thing petals, under the tree which gave the birth once to them… But… for some reason… Each spring of the each subsequent year this peach tree, as the millions of others on planet Earth, after throwing down from itself, after the winter forgetfulness, the remainders of the secret offence because of the forced oblivion in the winter leafless silence, is increasingly more getting imbued with the conviction: dying and reviving over a period of many years, it reaches the desired stage of its immortality. Sacrificing the petals of its wonderful flowers... And the leaves as well... But, while sacrificing – the tree revives. And it enraptures by the unforgettable taste of its godly fruits. In the name of what, as a matter of fact, it takes root solidly and deeply into the ground, it was planted by the people into.

… However, everything would be perceived too much simply, if it were possibly only to derive the own strength of the splendour in the obedient imitation to the powerful idols. Something prompts me to recognize: such way of adoration - is a lot of the weak and hopeless people. But to be enraptured, but nevertheless being able to be on your own – this is a common sense of my adoration.

Your majesty! My boundless keenness on You and the details of Your life over the course of a long time bore fruit. And, while being presented on the 3-d of July of this year (for the history – 2016 year) at the concert of Your subject, the pianist Peter Seivewright, in the hospitable concert hall of the Donetsk Philharmonic Society, I happened to almost physically felt what it means being a good Queen’s person.

That significant and even historical evening Mr. Seivewright performed as a soloist the greatest of all Russian Piano Concertos, the Rachmaninoff’s Fourth Piano Concerto with the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra, under their Principle Conductor Vladimir Zavodilenko.

A remarkable event! If not taking into account a fact only, that each night the suburbs of a city of Donetsk are being severely fired. I have been talking of it the third year in a row.

Nevertheless, listening attentively to the tints of the Rakhmaninoff's melodies, I recalled the shots of the newsreels, which imprinted Your mother, the Queen Elizabeth, and Your father, Your Majesty, the King Georg VI, who both became the symbols of fight against the fascism during the World War II. Do people remember today that at that time the Queen Elizabeth publicly refused to leave London or to send her with the King’s children to Canada? And she went down in history of the country with the words: “Children will not go without me. I will not leave the King. But the King will never leave the country”. Supporting the spirit of Their subjects, She personally attended the troops, the hospitals, the factories, of those regions of the country, which underwent the destructive German bombardments.

… And a few words of the reality of the present time in a today's Donetsk. A city and the people, who live in here, try their best to preserve their virtues in the face of the fallen to them lot. In order to survive and to conquer the circumstances. It is a daring motivation of the people, who do not lose their courage. But it could not appear from nothing. It could not be presented as something material. It is just that healthful elixir of life, the additional supply to the human being’s consciousness, with the aid of which the history is always created. In the case of the today's Donbass – the Universal History.

On the 3d of July of this year was held a concert in the Concert Hall of the Donetsk Philharmonic Society, in commemoration of the close of the 84th concert season. It is necessary to recognize, that the General Director of the Philharmonic Society, Mr. Alexander Paretskiy, and the numerous collective of the Philharmonic Society have been working hard the whole year in order to hold the concerts in the most hospitable Concert Hall of Donbass upon the highest creative level. And this final concert, without any doubts, will enter into the history of the entire Donbass not only as the model of professionalism, but also as the historical one. Since in the second part of this unforgettable event participated Your, Your Majesty, subject, pianist Peter Seivewright. It is worth to indicate that the performed by him and by the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra, under their principle Conductor Vladimir Zavodilenko the fourth concert of Sergey Rachmaninoff for the piano and the orchestra, reflected the depth and the significance of the events of the July of 2016. That is: it has been continued the third year the blockade and the firings of Donetsk. But the city and the inhabitants of the city by the very fact of their life asserting existence prove: out of the two aspects of the human being’s life, the bright and the gloomy one, they have chosen the bright one! This is a statement of the another Your subject, Your Majesty, Mr. Samuel Smiles.

It was pleasant to get convinced that Mr. Seivewright demonstrated his support of all the clean and bright in this perishable world by his arrival in Donetsk. He supported with all his heart the cherished expectations and the hopes of the inhabitants of Donetsk to live in the peaceful world.

Many correspondents worked that evening in the Concert Hall. Imprinting by the means of their cameras the image of a talented pianist. Since the moment of his appearance upon the stage he focused on himself the attention of the spectators thanks to the warm cordiality of his glance, which was fixed in his turn at an overcrowded Concert Hall. And through the open accessibility of his enormous human heart, which can be beaten in the chest of a sincere and fearless person only. Yes, being able to arrive in Donetsk today in order to support the city and its inhabitants by the use of the performing the One’s pianist art– is a heroic deed. Of the One’s Soul and Heart.

The life of any given person at all levels of his consciousness is directed toward the realization of his cherished desires, the realization of a one secret dream. It is quite natural, if a person has many dreams! But how do You like it! It realized a happy tandem that night! The author's idea of the composer - to find out by means of the music the possibility to overcome the obstacles on the way to the realization of the planned, and the genius enthusiasm of the pianist-soloist – the performer of this music, whose dream, to play the great Rachmaninoff's concert with the Russian orchestra, were carried out at last!

The audience burst with the loud and prolonged applause after the last note had sounded, thanking the participants of the concert for the given pleasure to take part in the Sacrament of a Great Spirituality, and for the opportunity to hear the musical masterpiece in the excellent performance. And not even guessing that the frequently repeated mystical major-minor modulations of the performed concert – these were the since earliest times themes about the people’s destination and about the mysterious and sometimes the troubled ways of their fates. But the music of the concert, written by the composer many years ago abroad, sounded that night at his Land. It was performed by Your subject, Your Majesty, as well.

Many flowers and the enthusiastic cries “BRAVO!” - all this smashed into smithereens the gloomy casemates of the people’s mental blindness and deafness, of all those who do not desire to understand: a city of Donetsk wants to live a peaceful life!

And Peter Seivewright understood that. Without any sort of airs and grace, but with a refinement and dignity of a well-bred person, in each of his gestures, while standing at the edge of the stage, he presented everybody in the Hall with his modest fascinating smile. He looked with his widely open eyes at common people, who had believed in the human sincerity of his art. The people in the Hall examined him with curiosity as well, being delighted with the endurance and courage of a musician who turned out being too brave to arrive into the rebellious Donetsk. But then, the heart of a pianist finally melted. And he presented a gift to all of us: a little piece of jazz as a keepsake… A piece of the music, played with huge, sparking, enthusiastic happiness of a person, who happened to get learnt a Sacrament of a Spiritual Union of the performer and his listeners. And his words as a keepsake: this audience has been the most grateful audience ever in the history of my artistic career…

Fortunately, I got blessed with meeting and a brief talk to Mr. Seivewright. And to understand his words: I am not a politician, I am a musician. And I will do my best in order to bring good to people.

I answered: I am – not a politician. I am – a musician as well. And my heart is also overfilled with a desire to create good. And because of that I appeal to You, Your Majesty with this message. The concert that was held in Donetsk turned out being a significant event indeed. And it proved one more time that the language of music could be powerful enough to draw the peoples of the World together.

Donetsk city is blessed with a special and very interesting fate. Which, unfortunately, overfilled at the moment with the tragedy of the situation. In 2014 the city had to celebrate the 145th anniversary of its foundation. But there were not any kinds of festive events at that time. That tragic chapter of the history of my proud city of Donetsk in the Donetsk steppe will require a comprehensive understanding in the future.

Definitely, I am short of words to express to You, Your Majesty, my respect and acknowledgement. Because the founder of my remarkable city of Donetsk – was a subject of a British Kingdom, Mr. John Hughes. Everything is going the way today that every family in the Donbass region is connected through the invisible threads with the distant Britain. The metallurgical and the coal mine industries, which started the hero of his time, Mr. John Hughes changed once a wild nature of the whole region. Many plants, factories, and then – also the theatres and libraries were built in here. And 84 year ago a city of Donetsk declared about the opening its own Concert Hall. By the way, the organ, which is established in there, was brought from Petersburg. A brilliant composer Peter Tchaikovsky played this organ…

Talking to Peter after the concert, scrutinizing his smiling face, I did not experience any sort of physical tension. I understood: it is a great privilege being a subject of your Queen. To live a full life so that the name of a State, which you represent abroad, would be treated with esteem. But what injustice: the sounds of music once played always fly away into the Eternity… I value an opportunity to gather the best words about that significant event together upon these lists of paper in order to preserve them for our descendants…

This my message in Your hands, Your Majesty, - is an important historical document. It will hold the Concert in remembrance. It is also an evidence of the fact that the boundaries between the states – are not the obstacles for the normal human contacts. Even at the times when the forces of gloom attempt to eclipse the Sun of a human being’s reason.

It is indisputable, the living environment of the peoples is filled with the deep sense, to understand which they have been endeavoured since the time they started thinking consciously. But, whatever it might occur, the sense of life is in the cognition of beauty and the secret of the Universe. And while learning them, to understand – there is no kind of casual circumstances in the environment. And, while living a full and happy life it is not worthy to forget: make your feasible contribution into priceless Universe treasure-house. Do not violate a balance of good and harm.

Let us be overjoyed! I would like to sum up the said above just with these words! Is has been written one more, a very memorable page of the history of Donbass. There are many words of a subject of the English Queen, Elizabeth II, Peter Seivewright upon them.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s most humble and obedient servant.

Liudmyla Marava.

July, 2016, Donetsk, Donbass.

Political assassinations are always despicable, cowardly, events. I did not know Arseniy Pavlov personally, my own connexions with the Donetsk People's Republic being with the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra, who magnificently continued to perform every concert at the highest standard throughout the war, even when war was raging in Central Donetsk, only metres away from where the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra were performing. Although I did not know 'Motorola' personally, the events of his life and the violent manner of his premature death mean that today I send my deepest condolences to all those countless individuals, both in the Donetsk People's Republic and elsewhere, who, today and every day, mourn the violent murder of a great patriot, who tragically paid the ultimate price for his patriotism, passion, and beliefs.

Peter Seivewright, Glasgow, Scotland, 20.11.2016.

P.S. Seneca is believed to have said: about the city I shall say the same words as about the townspeople.

A historical information: a symphony N 4 by Johannes Brahms was performed by the Donetsk State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra, under their Principle Conductor Vladimir Zavodilenko, in the first part of the concert. That is true: it could not be done something bad while a good music is being played. Everything in the World at this time – is Good.

“Through the consent the small states are growing, through the discord the World Powers cease to exist”. Henrik Sienkiewicz.

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