Humanitarian action, interviews of inhabitants, and appeal for donation to help a family from Glubokaya (Gorlovka)

On 23 November 2016, we went with members of humanitarian fund В месте in Glubokaya, in the suburb of Gorlovka (Donetsk People's Republic – DPR), to bring diapers and school equipment for the children of this locality which is daily shelled by the Ukrainian army.

For most of the families living in Glubokaya, diapers are an important financial burden, so we bought 19 packs of diapers for a total of 11 666 rubles, thanks to French donors (10 000 rubles) and to my colleague Jarmo Ekman. This help was completed with school equipment provided by В месте.

Once on site, while waiting for families to distribute humanitarian help, we visit a house located near the front (just at 300 meters from the positions of the DPR army) which was destroyed by the shellings which hit every day this locality of the West of Gorlovka.

Buttons scattered on the floor, the dishes left on the table, show that the house was evacuated in haste when it was bombed. No one has come to recover what is still there. Outside, civilians go about their business as if nothing had happened, as if the area was not dangerous.

The families arrive then quite quickly and we begin the distribution amid deaf bombardments that we hear from far. We begin the discussion with these mothers despite the biting cold, and the latter tell us frankly and sometimes with a lot of humor their daily life amidst incessant shellings.

One of them talked ironically about the Minsk accords from which she can "hear" the progress from her home. They all insist on the fact that they continue to live almost normally, having become accustomed to shellings. A necessary adaptation for the mind to survive to a life like this for two and a half years, but a double-edged adaptation, because the inhabitants lose all notion of danger, and the reflexes of survival that could save them. Children have learned what to do and what not to do in case of shelling, and some have the reflex to come back home as soon as they hear the shots.

Despite their degraded living conditions, their homes damaged, all tell us clearly that they keep their heads up and that the enemy will not win. As the Vice Commander of the DPR Army, Eduard Basurin, said with such women, how could Donbass people be defeated?

Before leaving, all thanked the generous donors who made it possible to provide these diapers. Once the distribution ended, we came to see the house of Alexandra, the mother who organized this distribution. Her house was hit by shrapnels of the shell that destroyed her summer kitchen in 2014. Several windows were completely destroyed and the roof was damaged.

As a result, for two years the roof leaks, transforming the house into a mushroom house. Alexandra, who voluntarily organises humanitarian aid, never asked anything for herself. Her husband has repaired several windows that had been destroyed by shellings, and he wants to do the same with the roof. But he misses the funds to buy the necessary materials.

So, with В месте, we have decided to launch an appeal for donation for Alexandra and her family. So that during this winter the house stops taking water by the roof, putting in danger the whole structure of the house as well as the health of the family, especially the baby.

So today, I launch an appeal for donation to all of you, to help us gathering the necessary funds. “Together we are stronger” and even a few Euros can make a difference. If you want to help Alexandra and her family, contact-me by email to obtain the details for money transfer: ulfdis@dnipress.com

I thank in advance those who will help us to repair Alexandra's house, but also all the ones who already help us to do this humanitarian action for children of Glubokaya.

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Christelle Néant

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  • Comment by Herbinet Gabrielle on 6 Dec 2016

    Bon courage Christelle et bon courage à tous... surtout avec l'hiver qui arrive!

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