Ex-commander of the Finnish army general Hägglund believes Ukraine should be split to solve the conflict

The new president of the United States will change the world. So believes the ex-commander of the Finnish army, general Gustav Hägglund.

In an interview given to the Finnish newspaper Etelä-Saimaa, Hägglund said that he hopes that the Russian president Vladimir Putin and the US president-elect Donald Trump will be able to end the Ukrainian crisis.

He said he believes that the Russians can live in one country and the Ukrainians in another.

“You will get beat up for saying something like this, but it is time to solve this issue,” Hägglund said.

“Is it so wrong, if people want to be in a country that they want. Just split the country and that’s it,” the general commented.

Hägglund also said that as Trump has said to put ‘America first’, Europe must get a grip of its own defences, as the US is no longer an automatic ally in a conflict.

He said that there is no reason for the EU-citizens to be afraid of Russia as the union has many times more citizens and money.

DONi News Agency

Source: Etelä-Saimaa

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