ECA Report: Ukraine still Europe's most corrupted state - billions euros wasted

Ukraine is still Europe’s most corrupted state despite European Union’s assistance to Kiev intended to reverse the situation, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) said in a report Wednesday. Basically the new ECA report shows clearly, that European Commission and other European assistance given to Ukraine between 2007 and 2015 have not improved the bad situation in Ukraine.

By the ECA report, EU actions "had limited impact and despite the impetus for reform since then, the results achieved remain fragile". From 2007 EU financial assistance comprised 1,6 billion euros in grants, 50 % of this in the form of budget support and 3,4 billion in macro-financial loans.

"The EU responded promptly to the 2014 crisis with a package of 11.2 billion euro over seven years. But this was an emergency solution. "The EU allocated and disbursed large amounts of money rapidly and without first agreeing its strategy", the ECA report says.

The ECA report says that despite efforts for broad reforms in the country and EU financial assistance, Ukraine is still viewed as Europe’s most corrupted country.

"Despite reform efforts, Ukraine is still perceived as the most corrupt country in Europe. Oligarchic clans continue to exert a dominant influence on Ukraine’s economy, politics and media."

Billions poured into Ukraine from the West used for war in Donbass - Former Ukrainian MP

Yesterday on Tuesday it was reported in the DONi News, that Alexander Onishchenko, a fugitive Ukrainian parliamentarian since past summer, is alleging that billions of dollars in international aid that have been poured into the country by the West to help it rebuild is actually going to fuel one man’s own power and control, that of current Ukrainian President Poroshenko.

"Most of the money they use for the war," Onishchenko said in an interview with Ruptly. With so much money is flowing into the nation, "now is the time" for Poroschenko and his allies to concentrate authority and consolidate military power, he said.

DONi News Agency

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