Donbass People's Fortress Holds in the Remembrance of Lost Commanders - What Panic?

Just in the past few months the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and its armed forces have lost two remarkable batallion commanders and national heroes, "Givi" and "Motorola", both of them assasinated far behind the frontline of the Donbass defenses. The Lugansk People's Republic (LPR) as well has just witnessed, only about a week ago, the same kind of a terror attack, when the famous Colonel Oleg Anashenko perished in an explosion of his car.

All of these brutal killings have been the outcome of the legalized state terrorism, executed by the Ukrainian special forces against Donbass people. Yes, you could make a heavy rain from all those tears, which people have dropped in Donbass because of our latest losses.

Terrorism alert is at the highest level in both states when the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics are mourning great losses of its heroes. The latest wave of terror attacks is following just after the horrific week, which was started by Ukrainian forces in early hours of January 29, and which led to absolute terror shelling of Donbass civilians for several days, after Ukrainian infantry attacks were repelled.

Ukraine's troops used their heavy artillery, mortars, multiple rocket launchers "Grad", and even most heavy caliber "Uragan" units, directly against civilian populated districts of Donetsk capital. The OSCE failed totally to report the key reasons for the escalation and after keeping its mouth totally shut during the first days, the western media started information attack against the DPR and LPR People's Militia forces.

In the pro-Ukrainian western propaganda machine, the victims again became the aggressors, and Ukrainian attacks and terrific war crimes were white-washed in the western media. Frankly speaking, AP-Reuters have failed to publish anything what would be even close to the truth, and by hiding the first crucial 36 hours of extreme Ukrainian provocations, the truth was again the first victim of the information war, waged against Russia, but especially, against the Donbass people.


In the aftermath we saw how blatantly Russia was accused in NATO for the latest escalation between Ukraine and the Donbass People's Republics. Ukrainian prime minister, the real war criminal, was just standing next to the deputy head of NATO in Brussel, trying to convince, without showing again any evidence, to the international audience, "that Ukraine and the Kiev regime is a victim of Russian aggression". What a crap.

Certainly you should ask, what Russia, how and where? Still the undeniable fact is, that here in the DPR and LPR are no Russian troops, and even this is difficult for westerners to believe, like I have learned here in Donetsk administration well to understand, that the Kremlin has only limited political influence in the decision making processes in the independent, democratic and powerful new People's Republics.

Always when Russia and Donbass are mentioned by any westerner, you should keep in mind these facts: Russia is not even mentioned in any of the Minsk Agreements and signed documents between Ukraine and the DPR/LPR. And why is it so? Because Russia has just the same status as Germany and France have as conflict mediators - nothing more, and nothing less. Behind the geopolitical curtains everyone knows the fact that Russia is not a party to the war in Donbass. I can just hope that you won't fall down as the sheep, poisoned with war propaganda.


Today Ukraine keeps amassing troops and heavy weapon systems along the frontline. Attack preparations and daily use of these weapons are against the Minsk Agreements, but totally blind and useless, shameful OSCE Monitoring Mission keeps its mouth shut, always looking to the other direction, when serving de facto only the interests of the West, Ukraine and its puppet regime.

Yes, we know Ukraine will attack again soon, and they will terrorize us again, and then again, without a mercy, and we can only expect another western-backed storm of fire to pound residential areas of Donbass fortress. Here, in the Donetsk city, no-one is safe, and we have learned to know it very well.

You could easily think, that after tough two weeks of Ukrainian terror, and while just sitting waiting for the next great escalation of the conflict to begin, the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics would be in a certain panic mode. What I see, that would be only logical to expect such a thing!

Damn, yes, we are worried here, mostly because all of these millions of innocent civilians and children, who have to face just terrible situations because of state terrorism, but as yesterday's funeral of commander "Givi" again showed to us, at the same time we are more than confident and determined, in our common stance against the Ukrainian terror as true united people's resistance.

Just look at the picture...

  • Above: Pic from the funeral march of the Commander "Givi", 10.02.2017
  • Below: Pic from the funeral march of the Commander "Motorola", 19.10.2016

Yesterday on Friday, even in such cold weather, and in the risk of another possible terror attack by Ukrainian forces on the crowd, the Donetsk People's Republic showed again strongly that people are united with our heroes in arms.

After the huge Ukrainian terror bombing of the Donetsk region, and just after the assasination of commander "Givi" - after the highest defense and terror alerts given by the top leadership and state medias in the DPR, tens of thousands of regular citizens massed to show respect for our killed batallion commander. The Donetsk People's Militia is praised by the same people where it has been formed - "we are all as one".


These pictures show something what everyone should learn about the Donbass People's Republics, and especially in Ukraine, EU and NATO-countries, which are still advocating the use of military force against the Donbass people. I need to ask, how on Earth any person, with at least some sense in the head, could even think that anyone could beat the united Russian population in the territory of former Ukraine?

Yes, we should be worried and looking for a path to the peaceful political settlement of this terrible conflict in Europe, as all civilized people should, but in fact, no matter what kind of state terrorism and military means are waged against Donbass by western-backed Ukrainian forces, which are standing today on the gates of the Donbass fortress, here is no fear in the Donetsk capital.

"Donbass Holds!" and we dont even need Russia to keep Donbass People's Militia strong enough.

I want to tell you something what I have learned here in Donetsk over the past two years. It's those thousands of coal miners who are the true core power of the DPR and LPR People's Militia, those guys defending their homes. Miners are hard guys, who can take basicallý any shit, and they are also always ready to give hard lessons to their enemies. Donbass population is filled with these extremely tough guys, hardened by extreme working conditions, which is reality one kilometer under the ground - in the heart of Donbass.


When the western-backed Ukrainian regime collapses, the Nazi forces in the "Ukrainian National Guard" will be crushed, first by their own destructive orders to attack, followed with great internal problems, and if then the DPR/LPR People's Militia is ordered to counter attack with its several mechanized brigades, Donbass guys and volunteers in the military ranks, can start a long march to the West.

Remember that Donbass People's Militia forces don't really need Russia, and official Russian armed forces, to execute wide scale manoveurs against the already failed Ukrainian state and its army.

Of course, in the moment of possible DPR/LPR counter attack, NATO, EU and USA will again scream loudly in their pro-Ukrainian propaganda machine: "Russia is attacking!" - But no, just keep calm, and follow the news sources provided from Donetsk and Lugansk. It would be the payback time for thousands of trained, motivated and armed miners of Donbass, who are today patiently waiting for diplomatic solutions.

The truth has been the first victim of war in Donbass, but as the people will prevail in the end, the truth will prevail with overwhelming srenght as well. Donbass fortress will certainly hold up, but it's also every day more ready to expand, and to liberate western occupied regions of the historic Russian land, and that will mean the whole Novorossia.

In the shared memory of our lost heroes, "Givi", "Motorola" and so many others, Donbass gets only stronger!

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director

DONi News Agency

Video: Dedicated to all defenders of Donbass, DPR Ministry of Defense, 10.2.2017

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  • Comment by neon on 11 Feb 2017

    Good words, true words. The panic will be in the Kev nazi junta and their war-criminals when the Army of Novorossiya liberates all lands from Charkov to Odessa and comes looking for them!

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