Civil unrest in Ukraine, political stability in Donbass people's republics

Three years after the beginning of the civil unrest in Kiev, which turned to an armed coup in February 2014, several signs from possible "3rd Maidan" have been witnessed. Just in the past week, thousands of Ukrainians have gathered to demonstrate against policies of the Kiev regime. In meantime, those parts of Ukraine, which took a stance with strong demand for their self-determination, have stayed united, and without any notable civil unrest.

I have been personally living as a foreign journalist in Donetsk City permanently since July 2015. All this time the war in Donbass has continued with daily Ukrainian aggressions, shelling and attacks, causing all kind of civilian and military losses, destruction, terror and uncertainty from the future of the Donbass region. Western economic, political and information blockade has continued as well, making normal life of Donetsk and Lugansk citizens difficult as possible.

You could easily think and even predict, that prolonged trench war, the ruthless continue of the state terror, huge psycho-physical pressure of the people, would cause public confusion, wide stress and political disagreements, and when fueled with thousands of Kalashnikov's around, just terrible crime rates and growing civil unrest, which would turn eventually directly against the DPR and LPR governments.

What I see, "weakening the free Donbass from its core support", has been the main strategic goal for Kiev and its western supporters for over two years now. It's the reason for permanent unwillingness to follow anything what has been agreed in the Minsk, and settle the conflict with diplomatic way. Without having enough military-political means to solve the conflict by arms, as we witnessed in 2014 and again in 2015, Kiev has trusted to the social-political consequences, by waving all means of aggression.

But the fact is, that over the past 1,5 years, what I have been living here in DPR and LPR, and closely following the situation in Donbass people's republics, I have never witnessed a single event of civil unrest, rally or demonstration, with goal to challenge, resist against the politics or politicians of the Donbass people's republics.

Only time when I have seen organized civil unrest in Donetsk was a historical public event, when the DPR security officials gave professional education and training to the citizens, and learned them effective tactics to resist armed officials and cause public unrest. This event, the demonstration of force against possible foreign armed OSCE police mission, gathered thousands of civilians, was not to resist, but to protect Donetsk People's Republic and its government. And what I know, this kind of event, showing the full trust between the people and their leaders, does not have any comparison from the world history.

Facts from the social-politically stable life in the people's Donbass should be understood around the world, and rise to the discussion, especially when we witness new wave of civil unrest taken place in Kiev. Just a few days ago, we saw again in the news:

"The protesters gathered again in Kiev near the National Bank building. As "Ukrainian Pravda" writes, several thousands of people participate in the meeting. It is noted that participants of the action hold batch flags "Za zhyttya" ("For life"), at the same time people just stand and don't shout out any slogans. As RIA Novosti reports, around National Bank and Presidential Administration, there is a large number of police officers and the National Guard. The day before about 6 thousand people participated in meetings in the center of Kiev."

I dont say that life and situation is anyway perfect in independent Donbass, but even the region is hammered by terrible war, and all kind of destruction and problems, it`s still living the way and direction, that the majority of the people wanted, and voted for, in the Donbass referendum in 2014. The same outcome of public political resistance is seen in Crimea, which is today stable and thriving part of the Russian Federation, and also the only public movements have been pro-government rallies.

People's republic is a strong idea, and it causes very strong people's resistance, and not only against outside threats. Here in Donetsk and Lugansk there are no political parties, and people are chosen to lead by their direct personal support. Political public movements are working among the people, not to divide, but to unite people as public front. Here in the DPR, the elected head is Alexander Zakharchenko, and we can trust his leadership.

Lots of true differences exist between the Ukraine and the former Ukraine, and those make unsurpassable facts for everyone to observe. For us, the US-Western backed Kiev is the worst example from what will happen to a country, when its not actively defended by it's people, when the will and interests of the majority are not respected. Here in the free Donbass you learn that "there are worst things than a war", and that is a public chaos in the hands of fascists, ruled by the multinational corrupted elite, so called West, like we see in Ukraine:

"The present parliament completely sputtered out and becomes more and more similar to a zoo. We see that there are goats, woodpeckers, rams and so on. The world of remarkable animals, but there aren’t any politicians, legislators, lawyers, economists and so on. Obviously, it is necessary to hold early elections of the Verkhovna Rada – the earlier, the better," Political analyst Sergei Belashko summarized in RIA Novosti.

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen

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