Bombed house inhabitant presents glasses to blind-deaf-mute OSCE leadership

OSCE blind

DPR residents gave the Principal Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE Mission to Ukraine, Alexander Hug, glasses for the monitors' work to become more productive.

This happened during a meeting of Donetsk residents with the leadership of the mission.

"When the Tourist Hotel was rampaged in Kiev on June 26, I was there, and I saw the Ukrainian fascists vandalizing the building. OSCE staff came to the scene of the incident, looked, listened and left, without having done anything. I saw your work," a Donetsk resident said, referring to the observers.

Then the man turned directly to Hug:

"You are a military man, you were trained in the best army of Switzerland. You held the position of regional headquarters commander in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this position is equal to the General. As an officer, you should know that the logistics of the unit, organization or mission is in the first place," he continued, after which he took out his glasses.

"I have a suggestion: to improve your logistics with these spectacles. They are very useful for you, they will save your life and perfectly show your work. Believe me, with these glasses you will be recognized everywhere in the DPR. And I will make white canes from the wreckage of my house, which was destroyed on November 21, 2014 by the artillery of the 128th AFU brigade," the DPR resident said.

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  • Comment by Gimenez on 2 Apr 2018

    C’est bien ce que j’ai toujours dit et pensé, cette organisation ne veut voir que ce qu’elle ne veut voir. Elle n’est pas neutre.

  • Comment by MichelR on 2 Apr 2018

    Cette organisation n est qu un alibi pour les occidentaux .
    J espère qu un jour viendra le temps de rendre des comptes .
    Enfin on espère toujours...

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