Birth of Malorossiya – restoring peace and order, creating sovereign people's federation

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - 18:56

Yesterday, in the DPR capital, Donetsk, I personally participated in the event at which, under the leadership of the Head of the Donetsk People's Repulic, a declaration of establishment of a new state of Malorossiya to replace the former Ukraine was given. As the director of the Donbass International News Agency and, basically, the only foreigner invited to the forum, I feel the need to share my thoughts and experience of that historical day, and give my comment on this important geopolitical step forward.

I received my invitation to arrive to the Hotel Shakhtar Plaza conference hall just the day before and there wasn't any pre-information available about the title or content of the event. I only knew that the Head of the Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, would be leading this event, and the invitation sounded important. What we saw, heard and got to read there certainly surprised all visitors. The firm initiative of the new Malorossiyan state and its need to stand in place of Ukraine was something new, what after the first surprise made us satisfied.

First of all, Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko is a brave and straight people's commander. Yes, he speaks well and sometimes even like a politician, and he also enjoys wide support among the Donbass population, but, most of all, Zakharchenko is a man of actions and orders. But how can one rule and govern if there are no clear and common strategic goals? Donbass and the former Ukraine need a direction where to march, and that was given yesterday by the leadership of the Donetsk People's Republic – toward Malorossiya!

Sovereign Malorossiya and Donetsk as capital

What should be understood is that the birth of Malorossiya does not erase the idea and process of forming the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics as autonomic republics, but it's something what as well brings together, for example, future autonomic Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa People's Republics. Because nothing has basically changed, yet, declared initiative is not against the Minsk agreements, but it's a firm reply to recent Ukrainian intensions to "re-integrate" Donbass to Ukraine. As declared, that will not happen, but just the opposite.

It should be remembered that the whole basis of the people's resistanse after the coup in the Maidan in 2014 has been about the demand of the federalization of the state – respect for different regions and their people. And that is what Zakharchenko's initiative is all about, its general proposal is to form a new sovereign and a pro-Russian state. The goal is to create a real people's federation within the borders of the former Ukraine.

The historic basis is well-grounded according to history of Malorossiya and especially Bohdan Khmelnytsky's legacy. I strongly advice you to follow these given links and read the historical background of this initiative.

Of course, like all other federations, Malorossia will also need its future capital to operate all the needed governance of a wide region and several autonomic governments, foreign policies etc. The Donetsk City is proposed to replace Kiev as a capital of Malorossiya, and why is that so?

Over about a decade we have witnessed already two western-backed colour revolutions in Kiev which have caused absolute destruction to the country. The first CIA-handbook "Orange Revolution" was actualized in Kiev in 2004-2005 and the second one, "Euro-Maidan", in 2013, what had been fueled then with armed extremist nationalist forces by February 2014.

Donetsk, on the other hand, is a stable ground with a large and strong infrastructure, and much better geo-political location for the future state. Donetsk holds on, as we all have seen. And, as a reliable part of the Russian world, Donetsk has much better possibilities to offer people something what they can count on.

Certainly, Kiev keeps its position as a cultural center and possibly an economic one as well, but political leadership should be there where destructive globalist forces can not anymore execute disastorous agendas. The regime in Kiev has imposed on the Ukrainians their idea of the new Euro-Ukraine, and now the leadership of Donetsk offers an option opposite to this development, which means coming back to the Russian World.

Donbass is fighting for independence - regional peace and stability

But why is it Malorossiya, not Novorossiya, as this idea was previously presented? As it has been mentioned already, the historic ground is solid for the new Malorossiya, but we should also take into account what kind of impressions and aspirations these names are presenting, and in what context we should evaluate the strategic decision to form Malorossiya, and not Novorossiya.

First and foremost, Malorossiya will be a sovereign state like, for instance, Belorussiya, and here is no intention to build a new part of the Russian Federation. As we already know, the declaration and iniative had been done and set forward independently, and it was a surprise, not only for the Lugansk People's Republic, but for Moscow as well. And no matter what western and Ukrainian propaganda have told you, the fact is that Donbass has been fighting for its independence all the time. Now, after the declaration of initative, will take place wide political negotiations, consultations and considerations.

The idea of creating Novorossiya of the Russian regions of Ukraine has been fueling nationalist elements in the Russian World since the beginning of the conflict. But, as we know, the general spirit in Donbass and among its population is not extremist, but politically moderate, practical and dispassionate – it's just strongly patriotic.

Novorossiya is an idea of the Russian regions' future in the former Ukraine, also connecting those to the Mother Russia, but Malorussiya is an idea comprising all the regions of the former Ukraine and keeping the whole region outside the Mother Russia. So, the proposal is meant to solve the conflict for the future, to come and keep the former Ukraine united, but not to separate it into two pieces and, at the same time, leave the door wide open for future conflicts between the East and the West. That is why the creation of Malorossiya is a peaceful way to settle the situation and reach the needed long-lasting peace.

Anti-globalist Malorossiya

Ousting of the globalist forces from the region and terminating the growing debt slavery, creation of own independent central bank, production of GMO-free agriculture... all of these purely anti-globalist goals were included in the declaration and those were also openly discussed at the yesterday's event. Message is clear and it should be understood that Malorossiya is exactly what Donbass stands and fights for, but now and in future it will be actualized in a much wider scale than in Donetsk and Lugansk only.

It's a new opportunity to establish the first people's federation between the East and the West, create balance and restore the regional stability, and that is the core reason why all the people in the world should support such a geo-political goal.

The leading troika behind the declaration of Malorossiya were wearing their military uniforms –commanders Zakharchenko, Timofeyev, and Gubin. In the room there were several other commanders and security officials, all of them in their uniforms. Only journalists and civilian staff from the administration used civilian clothes. What was most interesting, I didn't see anyone wearing a suit or even a tie. Can you imagine that?

This abcence of "political players" is something what everybody should carefully take a note of, because it includes and sends the strongest possible message about the declaration: This is not a show, this is not a game, but the military-political command are holding a process which is backed by the people's majority and powerful armed forces – trained, equipped and ready to liberate by invitation the regions of the former Ukraine which is rapidly falling to a failed-state situation in the fascist regime, flooded with Nazi troops and in the western hands.

As Zakharchenko said, "this is not a declaration of revolution, but declaration of a strong will to restore the peace and stability to the whole former Ukraine."

When the Soviet Union collapsed, it was formed again as Russia. When Ukraine collapses, it will be formed again as Malorossiya. Certainly, the future can not be written, but, with the brave and wise commanders leading the will of majorities, we all have something to reach for – a common fight to restore the peace.

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen, director

DONi News Agency

DONi News Bulletin

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