Analysis of Western hysteria and russophobia—The world on the other side of the looking-glass, descent into the white rabbit’s hole

For any rational and reasonable person, the world seems to have gone completely mad, at least the Western world. The illegal bombing carried out in Syria by the United States, Great Britain and France, is part of these symptoms of collective hysteria, which people still able to use their brains have difficulties to apprehend. What's the game?

Even an excellent analyst like Emmanuel Todd loses his Latin at some point in his analysis of this "damp squib" operation, not understanding the real, hysterical and irrational side of this russophobia that affects the West, from the elites, to the people via journalists. A russophobia that he cannot justify completely rationally by arguments such as "the will to hide shit under the carpet".

The West, which pompously calls itself "international community" to give more weight to these few dozen countries out of the almost 200 countries in the world, has once again violated the International Law in which it drapes itself, as Tartuffe did with devotion.

And Mr. Le Drian may well babble about the legitimacy of France's action in these strikes, if you say to a judge that you hit a stranger because he allegedly hit someone else, all without solid evidence, you're going to get in trouble.

France may claim that Russia allegedly blocked the UN to justify its "action", but that does not make it any less illegal. If the UN was created it is precisely to avoid such illegal actions as the one our three pseudo-Zorros carried out in Syria.

The UN is there to settle by discussion and negotiation what was settled before by weapons. If as soon as the discussions do not lead to what they want some countries decide to do as they wish, wiping their asses with the UN Charter and International Law, then what are they for?

Nothing... And that is where lies the danger of this kind of thoughtless and stupid actions of the West, which, believing itself all powerful and authorized (by whom?) to play the policeman of the world, flouts the rules that govern living together on our small planet. If these rules are no longer respected by some of the "players" then why should others continue to respect them?

Icelanders (who are very legalistic) have a proverb that applies perfectly to what happens: "It is with laws that we build a country, it is by flouting them that we destroy it". And what is valid on a national scale is also valid on a global scale. This was Vladimir Putin's warning after the attack.

If such actions, carried out in violation of the UN Charter, continue, it will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations”, declared the President of Russian Federation.

By dint of sitting on the UN Charter and the rules that were established after the Second World War to prevent such carnage from happening again, the West completely empties them of their substance to the point of killing them by delegitimizing them.

Not to mention the fact that Paris seems to forget that the United States have also repeatedly blocked the UN Security Council (among other things on issues concerning Israel), without this affecting the Quai d'Orsay.

And this while Israel was pinned by Human Rights Watch for the regular use of phosphorus ammunition on the inhabited areas of Gaza, including a UN center that is there! In three years, these munitions used illegally in areas where civilians live have killed 12 people and injured dozens (and phosphorus burns are anything but benign), including children.

There, contrary to the Syrian case, no outraged declaration from Paris, London or Washington, no threats to bomb Tel Aviv to stop these war crimes, and these violations of all international conventions!

When Kiev shells the Donetsk water filtration plant (filled with more than 200 tons of chlorine used to purify the water) with phosphorus ammunition in a proven way, where are the cries of outrage of the Quai d'Orsay? Because such shellings, in addition to the risk of depriving 1.5 million people of drinking water, could cause a real sanitary, humanitarian and ecological disaster that would cause much more than 40 unproven deaths, if the building where chlorine is stored caught fire!!

When the Ukrainian army is deliberately targeting civilians repeatedly and regularly for four years, and the facts are much more substantiated and proven than the story of the chemical attack in Duma which turned out to be a fake forgery, we haven't seen the planes from Washington, London and Paris bomb Kiev to stop the massacre in the Donbass, whose count is well over 10,000 dead!!!

When the United States votes at the UN against a resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism (alongside Ukraine, moreover), and EU countries abstain from voting on this resolution, while Europe and France in particular suffered from Nazism, where is the homeland of human rights?

When the United States and Great Britain violated the UN Charter by attacking Iraq in 2003 without a mandate from the organization, all on the basis of completely bogus information, no one went to bomb Washington and London to put an end to this illegal war that killed much more than 40 people!!

When Saudi Arabia bombards Yemen, causing dozens of civilian victims with each bombardment (including in refugee camps), and sets up with other Arab powers a blockade of the country that causes the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet (according to the UN), with 7 million people on the brink of starvation and a million affected by cholera, where are Western missiles and planes to stop these atrocities? Riyadh was not drowned under Western bombs as far as I know. Why this double standard?

On behalf of whom or what does the West allow itself to play the world's policeman, deciding who is a dictator and who is an acceptable leader? Who deserves to be bombed, and who will not be bombed on the basis of the same proven or imagined crimes? What country deserves to suffer a coup because the current leader does not make what they want, and that other country can keep its president or its king/prince, as long as he agrees to all their wishes?

Ugly reflection in the mirror

What I am going to say now is addressed to Westerners, whether they are members of these completely insane elites, or ordinary citizens. If I address you saying "you" and not "we", it is because I have already left the West mentally and psychologically well before leaving it physically. Even before I left for Donbass, I had not recognized myself in what was my "homeland" for decades, and many of my fellow citizens were already as foreign to me as the inhabitants of another planet.

No one, not even God, has given you authority over the world. You are only a few countries among the many others in this world. A world which is itself only a grain of sand drifting in the immensity of the cosmos alongside billions of others.

You're NOTHING! No policemen, no world leaders, no God! Nothing and no one has invested you with a (divine) mission granting you the right to decide for the rest of the world what their lives should be.

In what name would YOUR rules be those that should apply to the whole world? Did you really think the world was all about your little belly button? Once again you are NOTHING! Dust you were, dust you will become again, all the rest is vanity of vanities. The only rules the world must agree to follow are those that everyone has agreed to, namely the UN Charter and international conventions. You know, the ones you wipe your ass with when it doesn't suit you?

It is time for all of you to open your eyes: the days of your glorious colonial empires are over! The Roman Empire has disappeared, the British Empire has evaporated, the French Empire has been dissolved, and the American Empire is disintegrating before our eyes. Nothing is eternal in this world, nothing is permanent! And empires, like living beings, are born, live and die! It's inevitable.

Your world, your hegemony is falling apart. And here you are running around in circles, like hens whose heads have been cut off, without understanding that you're already screwed. No the (remaining) resources of the world do not belong to you! No, you have no right to expropriate the peoples who live on the lands where they are under the pretext that you need them, that you are supposedly democracies and they are not, and that you have the military power to take by force what interests you (which is not democratic despite all your gestures and your well-oiled propaganda to disguise all this under humanitarian purposes)!

The period of hegemony to which you were entitled with the fall of the USSR has come to an end. Yes Russia, China and others have decided to put an end to your capacity of nuisance by developing their means of defense to no longer be the easy targets of your greed.

And that's part of what's driving you so crazy. Like a nasty kid whose parents never said no to him, you hit a hysterical fit, screaming and rolling on the floor, before hitting your unfortunate sandbox neighbor who committed the crime of refusing to give you his rake! And when other children in the sandbox calmly step in, you scream more loudly, threatening to attack them, instead of understanding and admitting that you are wrong, and that you'd better behave properly rather than continue playing terror.

Why such a childish reaction from people who are supposed to be "elites", " rulers ", and even journalists and therefore normally, people with a minimum of intelligence? Are they all morons, or are they all ready for the mental asylum? It is there that Emmanuel Todd fails in all his rationality to understand what seems totally illogical.

It is because Emmanuel Todd seeks logic and rationality where there is none, that is, in reactions that are much more subconscious than conscious decision.

Everyone has more or less profound neuroses, discrepancies between his subconscious (his deep self) and his conscious (not to mention the persona, that is, the image of ourselves we want to give to others, personal and collective hypocrisy adding a dose of conflict). And in the West, those who run after power (and obtain it quite often) are among the most neurotic, power and money acting as powerful tranquilizers to appease their existential anxieties resulting from these violent conflicts that exist between the different parts of their psyche, without solving the underlying problem.

In front of them, they have leaders of a completely different stature. As Todd said very well, Russian leaders are of a much higher intellectual level than Western leaders. And above all, a much greater wisdom stemming from their pragmatism and their greater honesty. Putin is the first to point regularly what is wrong in Russia, on what he failed. Even in front of the Western media. In this famous interview given to NBC last month he points out that many Russians still live below the poverty line, and he says that many problems are still unresolved.

He does not deny reality as Western leaders do, for whom everything goes very well in the best of all worlds if we listen to them. Above all, he applies the "I do what I say" rule, which goes totally against the "double standard" applied by the West.

Russia is promoting International Law by showing the example with a great patience, because Putin has understood that it is only in this way that the message can get through: by matching words and actions, not by doing the opposite of what is said. Russian intervention in Syria has been done on a totally legal basis, respecting the UN Charter, and she is trying to find a political solution to the conflict by putting the different factions around the same table.

The same goes for the reintegration of the Crimea into the Russian Federation, which, with all due respect to pro-NATO malcontents, was done in full compliance with International Law (open the UN Charter, and above all open a history book and look at the results of the referendum that took place in the Crimea in 1991 and that of 1994).

And on the issue of the Donbass conflict, it was Russia that did its utmost to ensure a direct discussion between Kiev, the DPR and the LPR, which also pushed to obtain the Minsk agreements, and which continues today to do its utmost to ensure that they are applied, while Paris and Berlin just make limp declarations and often out from reality (as when France took over this crazy Ukrainian rhetoric about Russia being the aggressor country).

Facing the mirror

And that is the element that Emmanuel Todd lacks to finish his analysis. Russia, by its behavior that it wants as straight and honest as possible, plays the role of mirror for Western countries. A mirror that reflects back to them the hideous image of what the lesson-giving West (which it does not apply to itself) has become, as opposed to what Russia now embodies. And I say this without any naivety. Putin is not an angel, but a pragmatic and upright man (as far as one can be in his position), and Russia is not a perfect country, but a country that believes in certain values that it is ready to defend, with patience and determination (and trying to prevent the situation from slipping into a new world war and ending in nuclear conflagration is one of them, hence the very great patience and restraint of the Russians that many take for weakness). Nothing and nobody is perfect in this world.

But when countries that boast of being democracies, increasingly turn to dictatorship while imposing their rules on the world, and find themselves facing a country that does the exact opposite of what they do, while applying what they claim to defend, that is where we reach the point of cognitive dissonance.

And we come back to that neurosis story. There is nothing worse for a neurotic than being brutally confronted with his internal contradictions. Because most people are not honest enough with themselves to face the reflection that the mirror sends back to them. They prefer to hide, act as if they have seen nothing, or worse, break the mirror, so they no longer have to face this hideous reflection of who they really are!

And by its insistence on defending International Law, to the point of almost embodying it symbolically and psychologically, Russia has become this mirror that wields before the eyes of the West the putrid reflection of its vanities and its crimes committed in the name of these same vanities. And as any neurotic in an advanced stage, the West reacts hysterically, preferring to spit, and even try to destroy the mirror, rather than solve the problem at its roots.

You can insult the mirror, cover it up to no longer see it, or break it, it won't change anything to reality, that is, to what you have become: a declining, decadent and neurotic empire, devoured by its internal contradictions and its inability to question itself and admit reality.

The planet has limited resources, the way we live now is not sustainable in the long term, and you will not be able to monopolize what is left to continue a little longer to have your "fix".

I am addressing everyone here, ordinary citizens, journalists and political elites. In your mad dash forward to avoid seeing this putrid reflection in the mirror, you are ready to provoke a global conflict with completely hysterical statements and actions because you are simply not able to question yourself!!

The human being is supposedly the most intelligent animal on this planet. Stop asserting it as an established truth, when your daily actions prove the contrary! Prove it! Use your brain, for Christ's sake!

You have the choice!

For once in your life, face the mirror, accept the not very shining reflection it sends back, face it, and decide to change what is wrong with you rather than try to destroy the mirror! Russia is not responsible for the deplorable state of the West and the values it claims to defend (while trampling on them). You are all individually and collectively responsible! Yes YOU!

And don't bullshit me about "they have the power, we don't"! "Tyrants are great only because we are on our knees," Etienne de La Boétie rightly said. Stop dragging yourself to your knees and complaining that your knees are hurting! Get up! You are billions, they are a few thousand! They have no superpower, they only have the power YOU give them! Their only power is what YOU GIVE THEM!

And if you believe that you can do nothing on your own, remember that it is small raindrops that gather together to form rivers and then huge oceans, whose strength is immeasurable. But for that you must first make sure that the reflection that the mirror sends back to you makes you want to look inside. And that there is ONLY YOU who can do the necessary work on yourself!

Today we are at a crossroads. You have the choice! Let elites and peoples who are completely neurotic, lead us all to the point of mutual destruction, for oil, gas, metals, pieces of paper, and a little power that calms their existential anxieties; or take in charge your destiny and that of the world, to offer your children a better future in a more balanced world.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to go down into the white rabbit's hole and pass to the other side of the mirror, or if you prefer to remain in your reassuring illusions, until the Matrix in which you live collapses under the weight of its internal contradictions and the constraints of the real world, and that the crazy train in which you have boarded crashes against the wall of reality in the middle of the field of ruins that the world would have become.

Christelle Néant

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  • Comment by Guy on 16 Apr 2018

    Merci pour cette excellente analyse et la pertinence de votre appel à réagir !
    Evidemment, je partage illico !

  • Comment by Christiane Pujol on 16 Apr 2018

    Bonjour Christelle, je partage ce texte, qui est criant de vérité.Je suis allée dans le Donbass soutenir nos amis à Donetsk peut-être que nous nous sommes rencontrées. Merci pour ce cris du coeur. Amitiés

  • Comment by Christelle Néant on 16 Apr 2018

    Bonsoir Madame Pujol,
    Non nous n'avons pas encore eu cette chance, mais j'espère que nous aurons une telle occasion lors de votre prochaine venue.

  • Comment by Marc Ldmiere on 17 Apr 2018

    Merci pour cette très bonne analyse, que je partage de suite. Comme vous, je ne reconnais plus mon pays, comme vous, je pense à partir. Je ne partage pas les valeurs mises en avant et voit trop clairement les ficelles de toute cette agitation frénétique.

  • Comment by Mikaël on 17 Apr 2018

    Quiconque s'intéresse sérieusement et sans parti pris aux relations internationales, au Droit international, ne peut que souscrire à cette analyse, Christelle. La majorité des gens ne sont cependant pas dupes (encore qu'en France une certaine cécité persiste). Souvenons-nous en effet le sondage international de Gallup en 2013, qui sondait notamment par cette question 65 pays et 66 000 personnes : "Selon vous, quel pays représente la plus grande menace pour la paix dans le monde aujourd'hui ?" 24% des sondés, et le 1/3 des pays (y compris occidentaux) nommaient en tête, je vous le donne dans le mille : les Etats-Unis (les Français, qui n'avaient pas dû bien comprendre la question et déjà en pleine hystérie médiatique à ce sujet, plaçaient singulièrement en "pole position" la Syrie...)

  • Comment by Catherine on 17 Apr 2018

    Ma chère Christelle,
    Le Donbass me manque et toi aussi, merci pour cette analyse où l'humanité prend son sens, merci !!!
    Je suis fière de t'avoir comme amie, continue et surtout, fais gaffe à toi !!

  • Comment by Mich Elm on 17 Apr 2018

    Hé bien didonc Miss Christelle, quel cheminement parcouru depuis " tes débuts "...
    J'ai cru lire un texte du " Saker ", si si.

    Merci pour ces considérations piquées au coin du bon sens.

    Vivement la suite (de tes écrits) et la fin de ces crises / guerres irrationnelles.

  • Comment by jo on 17 Apr 2018

    Le but de cette attaque n'a jamais visé une chimie inexistante, mais uniquement l'armée en direct, ce sont tous les aéroports qui ont été visés, certains ont été touchés.
    Mais suite à cette décision il faut bien comprendre que tout pays quelqu'il soit peut venir bombarder toute installation en France, en UK et aux USA, avec le même argument moral.

  • Comment by Chantal on 22 Apr 2018

    Merci Christelle ! Pourvu qu'on vous lise et vous comprenne. Mais j'ai bien peur que les moutons ne s'engouffrent en masse dans le terrier du lapin...

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