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Potential for major escalation of violence in Syria by US: Expert

There is a real potential for a major escalation of violence in Syria by the United States as the country approaches the 2016 US presidential election, a geopolitical analyst in New York says. “With all of this escalation, there is the growing chance that a war in Syria and the region becomes an internationalized conflict,” said Eric Draitser, the founder of said, using another acronym for the ISIL terrorist group.…


Official site of Aleksandr Zakharchenko was opened

On 22 October the official site of the DPR's leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko started its work. It is available on in three languages - Russian, English and Ukrainian. «We were fighting more than a year and the war is the time for struggle, not for words. Now when there is a chance to stop the war we need words. We need the public page, public announcement of our tasks and aims. That is why I decided to create the…


US Army Europe Commander Astonished by Russian Anti-ISIL Syria Campaign

The commanding general of the US Army in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, said Moscow had greater potential than he had imagined. The commanding general of the US Army in Europe said he was astonished by Russia’s capacity to deploy its troops to Syria and start an anti-terror campaign in the country. "I was one of those people surprised about their move in Syria. I’ve been watching them in Syria for some time now, but I…


Ukrainian Nazis are fleeting to Bandera's grave in Munich


Children's pictures from Donetsk heading to European tour - "Peace to the world!"

Children of Donetsk will send strong painted messages to various countries in coming months. 150 selected paintings are to be shown during the tour consisting of about 20 exhibitions in different countries. The first exhibition takes place on November 2nd in the building of the Deggendorf city library, Germany. The assistance of the Russian non-governmental organization “Korporazia Schastya”(Corporation of happiness), which unites…


Investigation: US military planes violated Finnish airspace twice

US airforce planes has violated twice Finnish airspace in August 2015. According to border guard investigation C-17 cargo planes were 20 km inside Finnish territory when flying from Estonia to United States. Their flight path was connected to international flight route, which passes Finnish airspace in its southern coast. Finnish authorities decided to close investigation because lack of financial resources. Estimated time in airspace…


Western Lies Wiped Out From Syria - Who Still Believe Those From Ukraine?

When Russia has achieved in two weeks in Syria what US led coalition could not in two years, whole hidden truth about Syrian conflict has been finally exposed to wide audience in West. Facts have been seen and everyone can witness how hegemony-agenda ruled western mainstream media has been spread absolutely false narrative about true nature of Syrian conflict. Key factors behind terrorism are revealed, and what we can see, people…


Nazis marching again: Russian cities of the former Ukraine under swastika occupation

On October 14 a procession of the US-Ukrainian fascists took place in the historically Russian city of Kharkov. This demonic gathering of the scum of society does not differ from similar marches in the 1930s in Germany. The same slogans, flags, torches and ideology. It is not surprising, everything was heading in this direction during all the years of so-called Ukrainian independence. All that years Ukraine was being torn from its…


Dutch MH17 Report: "Claims do not meet facts and calculations" - Donetsk official statement

"Now that the Council for safety of the Netherlands published the final report, we can see that the conclusions drawn by the international technical commission are completely disparate from the real situation and the actual facts", said Defence Ministry speaker and vice-commander of Donetsk People’s Republic armed forces, Eduard Basurin on Wednesday. "Such detailed researches grounding on the careful analysis and several full-scale…


If this is Ukrainian 'real truce', then who is shooting us, Poroshenko?

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Wednesday the ongoing ceasefire in Donbass means that real truce has been established in the war-torn region. But every day Ukrainian forces are violating agreements, so where is the truth? "No single firing was reported during the first week of October. This is not peace already and not the end of the war. But this is not just ceasefire, this is real truce," said Poroshenko in Kiev Military…