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Ex-commander of Ukraine’s internal troops says foreign snipers operated on Maidan

Foreign snipers were present on the Maidan in Kiev in February 2014, stated Stanislav Shulyak, ex-commander of the internal troops of Ukraine. According to him, Andrei Parubi (current speaker of the Verkhovna Rada), Sergei Pashinsky (chairman of the Defense and Security Council) and others acted as the organizers of this "monstrous crime." "The overwhelming majority of snipers were foreign mercenaries," RIA…


'No Russian forces in Donbass' - OSCE Head


Kiev's war crimes book presented in DPR capital

The presentation of the book "Chronicle of alive: 2014-2016" covering the facts of war crimes committed by Kiev in Donbass took place today in the capital of the Donetsk People's Republic. The collection was presented by the Vice-Commander of the Republic's Operational Command, Eduard Basurin. The head of the DPR delegation to the Minsk talks, the People's Council Chairman Denis Pushilin also attended the presentation. "The…


American coal doesn't help Ukraine

Even taking into account American and African coal, which is supplied to Ukraine, the country still does not have enough fuel to pass the heating season without problems. The expert of the energy market Valentin Zemlyansky said this on the air of the Сhernomorsky TRK. According to him, Ukraine lacks about four million tons of coal. "The deficit of coal for the heating season is four million tons - one million…


Upcoming heating season can become record expensive for Ukrainians

In October, Ukrainians will receive the first payment requests for heating. As the Ukrainian publication Segodnya writes, the current heating season can turn out to be a record expensive for many citizens, as this year its duration and standards have been reduced, for which a subsidy discount is calculated. In addition, according to a memorandum with the IMF, in the near future the National Commission of Ukraine on Energy Regulation (NCUER)…


Ukraine's spending on defense to reach $6.3 billion in 2018

The draft budget of Ukraine for 2018 provides for defense and security sector expenditures in the amount of 164.9 billion hryvnia (about 6.34 billion dollars), which is 14.8% more than in 2017, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said. According to him, this year the sum for defense needs in the state budget is 143.6 billion hryvnia (5.5 billion dollars). "Defense spending will increase: 164.9 billion hryvnia…


MH17 targeted from Ukraine-controlled territory, eyewitness says

More then 3 years have passed since the day of the MalaysiaAirlines Boeing 777 crash in the Donbass skies. The disaster’s causes are investigated by the International Investigation Team, which includes Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine. In September 2016, it published an interim result of the international investigation – the investigators were convinced that they possessed irrefutable…


OSCE debunks main myth of Ukrainian propaganda

OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier, quoted by Interfax-Ukraine, said at a briefing that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission could not confirm the presence of Russian troops in Donbass. "When asked if there were present Russian associations, then, referring to the information from our observers, I say that these formations are absent there as such. But we can…


UN accuses SBU of torture in Donbass

The chairman of the UN Monitoring Mission, Fiona Fraser, said that the SBU officers tortured detained Donbass residents to obtain favourable testimonies. "We continue recording the increase in the number of cases of pretrial detention and torture, as well as sexual violence. We identified instances connected with the current conflict in Donbass when AFU representatives detained people and forcibly kept them for a day…


UNO appeals to Ukraine to investigate Mirotvorets web-site activities

UNO High Commissioner Administration on the Human Rights came out for carrying out investigation of the Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper) Ukrainian website where personal data of people are published. “The national police have opened a criminal proceeding against the Mirotvorets web-site which has been publishing personal data of thousands of people including media experts calling them adherents of the armed groups and…