Ukraine builds concentration camps for Donbass residents

From the torch-lit processions the fascists came down to building the concentration camps. There have already been tortures, murders, executions, marches, and now they have reached the concentration camps.

The Ukrainian chastener uploaded to his page in VKontakte pictures and explained that they were building this concentration camp for as the Ukrainian soldiers say, ‘Russians swine-dogs.’ The guy is proud that he had celebrated the New Year while erecting the concentration camp near Talakovka in which he and those of the like would kill the population of Novorossia.

Echoing the Hitlerite Reich, the ukro-chasteners do not only draw swastikas, but have even hung up over their cantonment building the plate which says in German ‘The Principal Commandant's office of the concentration camp ‘Talakovka.’ To such camps of temporary placement the Ukrainian invaders plan to place captured soldiers and the disloyal population after the planned occupation of Donetsk and Lugansk which they want to carry out during the future offensive.

DONi News Agency